I never would have anticipated this trajectory for my life. But Jesus’ goodness continues to ooze over me. 

Jesus has specifically used this ministry (Poetice) to capture my heart, & I’ve witnessed Him do it to so many others’ lives time & time again. He really is breathtaking. There’s also the reality that something special is occurring here at Poetice. Jesus is in the air. His presence is undeniable. God is on the move in Choma & I’m simply grateful that I get to be part of it. 

Over the years I’ve realized that I am wrecked. This place, these people, & Jesus have ruined me forever. In the best way. I could do no other thing than this. I couldn’t be anywhere else. I don’t even want to be. I am so in this. I can’t think of anything more worthy to give my life to. I don’t know what my whole life will look like, but Lord willing I hope to be on mission for many years to come. 

I want to lend the invitation to get in on this. Jump into what the Lord is doing here at Poetice in Zambia. I am fully reliant upon the financial support from the incredible individuals in my life who continue to do this thing with me. I’m everlastingly grateful to link arms as we pursue & expand the Kingdom together.