Welcome to our page! Chances are you know us. And you know that we are STOKED to be running hard after God’s kingdom and madly in love with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Together, we are the Team Leads in Zambia for Poetice. We are passionate about raising up leaders for the Kingdom of God, giving a platform for the revelation of Jesus Christ, and seeing people fully restored to their God-given identity.

We love culture, travel, and sports, and we love to dream and create together. We also really love this ministry, but this work is unique. It’s not something that can be done in isolation. It needs people, a little extra love, support, and buy-in from a few others who believe in this. Who wants to stand in and stand for us through thick and thin. It’s beautiful really. And this part, to us, feels like the Kingdom.

And so we want to invite you personally to invest in this ministry of transformation, of restoration of identity and vocation for the least, the lost, ourselves, and our friends. Poetice is fully funded by churches and individuals. And we want to ask you, our individuals, our people, to continue to be part of this, and continue to be our network that stands for this work. We are so grateful for you, your ongoing investment in our lives, our ministry, and the Kingdom in and through us.

We love you so ❤️



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