Zambia part 2

January 24th, 2015 Posted by The Howells' Blog

This is the continuing story of our Zambian adventure. You may need to refresh your memory of the first part of our story with my previous post. And yes, “coming soon” is 3 months later.

This past spring after Brad contacted Poetice, they connected with him through phone calls, emails and a Starbucks meeting. They asked us to just pray. Talk it over, and then pray some more. And boy did we ever. We asked many of you to pray with us about this decision. Do we move forward? Is God calling us to this? And if yes, why? And if why then HOW? So. many. questions. But as we talked and prayed two interesting things happened.

First, I asked God to just be VERY clear. I didn’t exactly ask for a neon sign or a text message but that would have been ok. One of the first days I prayed this, I took some kids to a park near us. Being the talker that I tend to be I started up a conversation with the lady who was pushing her grandson in the swing next to Alenia. Throughout the course of our conversation we ended up talking about adoption. Her daughter had just adopted 2 boys from Zimbabwe. “You know, that’s southern Africa. Have you heard of it?” Well, yes, in fact I have visited Zambia before and my husband and I are praying if we should return. She thought for a moment and then said “Yes! You should. You and your family should just go.” Now, I’m not saying God dresses in housecoats and crocheted hats but that dear Grandmas’ bold statement certainly gave my heart a start.

The other interesting thing that began to happen in the conversations Brad and I were having about Zambia is that our sentences started to begin with “when we…” instead of “if we…”. It was such a natural shift that we almost missed it. Our hearts were melting and the (very long) list of “ifs” and “hows” somehow seemed completely doable ONLY because God would be the one doing it.

So, we said “yes”. And the rest is becoming HIS-story.

I am a part of a bringing-tears-to-my-eyes- lovely group of woman from my bible study. We were meeting through the summer for a study, fellowship and prayer in the midst of this decision making. What a tremendous support and challenge they were to me personally as I voiced my thoughts and concerns with them. Then, they decided to do a garage sale fundraiser for our family!

There were over 30 families that donated things for this sale! It totally blew me away.  We were able to raise $2500 which … yeah. Just no words. Still speechless about that one.

We have been mailing and labeling and sending our support letters (hopefully, to you!), working at getting these blogs and emails lists updated, Brad started the visa process (which we have likened unto the details of the fostering paperwork! Good grief!) the kids have their freshly made passports and we are in the process of contacting churches to ask if they’d like to join in God’s work in Zambia too. *Whew*
This all reminds me of my bible study just this week. Moses pleads with the Lord, “Do not take your presence from us! We do not want to move on from here with you!” THAT is exactly what we are praying. Lord, unless your presence, your sovereign control over us is utterly with us we do NOT want to move (to Zambia) or anywhere else for that matter. This is our plea. So while no housecoat wearing Grandmas bearing neon signs have showed up at my front door lately we are moving forward. One step. One day. One application. One detail at a time with absolute assurance in our Emmanuel.