August 3rd, 2016 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2016

During the last month it’s been pretty nonstop in the ministry programs. I had no idea what God had in store, but I soon found out I was not prepared for a lot of it. One of them was Beat the Drum. I knew that we would teach on HIV to kids in schools but I didn’t know how focused on abstinence we would be. I think it’s really great that that was our main focus, it only became more difficult because we weren’t talking about a disease anymore, but a lifestyle. I learned that even when you plan every moment of every hour, be prepared for nothing to go according to schedule. This happened mainly after the training week for Beat the Drum when we were going to go into the schools. It was a holiday for two days of the week and the teachers thought they could get kids to come in still for our teaching. There were two schools and with the one I was at only 40 showed up. When things like this happen it’s ok I think to be a little disappointed as long as we quickly take this new opportunity with these 40 lives and knowing God wanted them there for a purpose.

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I also found out that don’t declare in your mind that your job is done before you’ve fully finished. In my group that I taught along with others we split up who’d be teaching what day and so I thought my time was “done” especially on our last day there. We decided to have some one on ones with the girls and boy was I not ready for the story I was about to hear. This girl named Naomi was so open and shared with me, some stranger, something she hadn’t shared with anyone yet. I was a little stuck on how to help her because when he finished she asked me for advise and I didn’t know what I could say. Thankfully as a spoke God gave me some words to speak and advise. It was difficult to know how she accepted what I said, but I know God put her with me for a reason and I have to trust that He will work on her heart with the words He gave me to say.

Outreach… I mean can I just say WOW!? What a time. We crossed four borders to get there and saw a lot through our windows along the way. It was so crazy! My heart felt so much during that week and a half. 

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As we came upon the mountain of Lesotho I was in awe. There was so many mountains and all I could think was, where did this place come from? Never heard of it. Why hasn’t this place been broadcasted?? When we met Godfrey, one of the people who lives there and started LXP there, he was so welcoming. Everyone was so kind and hospitable, even more than all the hospitality than we have already received. I was feeling more at home there than I have yet in Africa, which is so odd. Since there was so much I’m going to narrow it down to just a couple things.

The first one is that He is patient with us. When I was talking to Him one morning there was something that I spoke that clicked. I’ve never prayed as much as I have here which is great because we should be relying on God for every little thing. Some things I say are so typical to God because we do it so much but He is so patient with us for waiting for us to say that one word or one sentence that helps us realize something new. Also, while one of our services was happening I was sitting nearby outside of the tent and there was this little boy who came and sat down next to me. He smiled at me and I tried to ask him his name but I don’t know if he was shy or just didn’t understand me, but he just smiled when I asked. Then we started to build a pile of the dry grass and I just kept thinking, what are we going to make this into? What’s the point of this pile of grass? And then I felt God telling me that it doesn’t matter what it’ll be as long as you have the joy in whatever you are building. Because this sweet boy was smiling and was having so much joy in making this pile. He didn’t care what it turned into he only trusted that it was going to be good. In the same way I need to trust God with how He is growing and shaping me, not to be skeptical and ask so many questions. I just have to rest in Him and trust that it’ll be good. 

Kayla Hoogendyk • 2016 International Immersion Intern