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We pursue physical and spiritual transformation
of the whole person through holistic development.

We work in impoverished areas to mobilize the
local Church with a unique combination of
discipleship and development programs.

Our developmental approach is a three-step process. We seek to REACH those in need, RESTORE their identity and vocation, and REPLICATE this transformational process in and through the local Church. This process helps guide a community towards holistic transformation.




We REACH the lost and least
in order to grow and strengthen the Church.

Our process starts by reaching out to the lost and the least in the community we are serving in order to grow the Church in that area. We seek relationships with people who have suffered from a marring of their true identity and purpose. This includes the widowed, the orphaned, the vulnerable, the exploited, the sick and the poor. We reach people through local outreaches and service projects.

We restore the
identity and vocation
of individuals by perfecting
and training believers.

Through relationships, we echo and pursue God’s goal to restore humanity’s original identity and purpose, as children reflecting God’s image. Jointly, we reclaim our original vocation as productive stewards, living together in just and peaceful relationships. When an individual is restored to their God-given identity and vocation, the injustices they have been experiencing through poverty are eradicated.


We train and perfect the body of believers through the teaching of the Word of God, prayer and worship, fellowship, small groups and Bible studies, 1-on-1 relationships, and our Immersion Internship Program.


Communities are restored
when the Church fights for justice.

The Church was intended to be the physical representation of Christ’s body on earth. It is the responsibility of the local Church to respond to injustice within their community.

We recognize that community development is a critical part of the spiritual formation and discipleship process of the Church. As the Church learns to obey and respond to what they are seeing, community development projects begin to emerge.

We help form committees that are comprised of church members who lead this fight for justice, reconciliation and restoration of their surrounding community. This is addressed through development projects, skills trainings, job creation, income generating activities, etc.

Together, we effectively assess the community, dream for a different future, implement a development plan, monitor progress, and continually refine these justice initiatives.

We strongly believe that the local Church
is God’s primary agent to bring peace,
justice, and love to a broken world.

We replicate this transformational process in other communities by forming partnerships with local Church leaders who have a similar heart and passion for holistic transformation. Once a partner church leader is selected, we take them through an intensive restoration, training and equipping process to adequately form a relationship and shared vision for holistic community transformation. We then partner with these leaders within their own communities to REACH and RESTORE individuals and their community at large.



When you invest $25 or more a month,
you help us REACH those in need,
RESTORE individual’s identity and vocation
and REPLICATE this tranformational process
in and through the local Church.