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Complex problems require comprehensive solutions.
Transformational development works within the context of broken relationships.

God’s goal is to restore us and God’s creation
to our original identity and purpose, as children
reflecting God’s image, and to our original vocation
as productive stewards, living together in just
and peaceful relationships.

Transformational Development works to restore the 5 areas poverty has distorted
and helps create just and right relationships with God, with self
and with their communities.



Individual feels
valued and protected.
Individual is
loved and accepted.
Individual is
redeemed and free.
Individual is
joyful and hope-filled.
Individual is
healthy and well.

We are pursuing physical and spiritual
restoration for
the widowed, the orphaned,
the vulnerable, the exploited, the sick
and the poor.

Our approach involves both the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel,
which empowers the poor to break poverty’s chains and become
architects of change in their communities.

Our work is a three-step process.
We seek to REACH those in need,
RESTORE their identity and vocation
and REPLICATE this transformational process
in and through the local Church.