With My Whole Heart

June 29th, 2016 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2016

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Hi my name is Oliver Lungu. I am very excited to share my experience with you and how I have grown. It is not easy to live with other cultures in the same house when you do not know yourself fully and when they are from a different race and background. At first I was not comfortable with the cultures of my fellow students. I was afraid of speaking because I might offend someone, even if I was going to help them. I did not want to make anyone frustrated. But, I have learned so much about how God created us. My mind changed when I realized we are brothers and sisters with each other. It helped me to live with them in unity. Surely, the present is good and pleasant when you are living with others in unity.

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I am having an amazing time learning through the teachings. The first lesson, Abby taught was about meditation and how God wants His people to be with Him. It was exciting to learn about meditation. Practicing the discipline of meditation has helped me to draw closer to God. The second lesson was taught by Ken and helped me to know the purpose of fasting and how to fast. I also learned how to study the bible with Pastor Phil. It was so cool to understand how to go deeper in scripture. The next lesson was about God’s dream for Africa. Whooooo! What an amazing story to hear God’s dream for Africa! The lesson completely shifted my mind and how I thought about Africa, my home. I can say, “Praise the Lord” because of how much God loves Africa. Africa is not cursed even though people say it is.

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Most recently, I learned about submission with Anna. I learned how to submit to others by submitting to God. I also learned how prayer can assist someone when they are struggling to decide whether they should submit to God or man. There is a Zambian story about submission which shows how we must submit in our actions and in our hearts.

A father asked his son to get him some water. The boy went and filled up a cup and then gave it to his father. His father did not accept the cup and asked his son to go back and get him some water and to kneel down when he gave it to him. The son went back, re-filled the cup, and returned to his father. The son knelt down and offered the cup to his father once more. The father did not accept the cup and said, “Even if you are kneeling with your body, it does not mean you are kneeling in your heart.” He then asked his son to bring him water again.
I thank God for bringing me into this program and every day I want more of Him. God’s mission for us is to bring us closer to Himself.

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Oliver Lungu • 2016 International Immersion Intern