Who God Says I Am

June 28th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

My name is Elizabeth Mudenda. I am 19 years old. I live in Choma, Zambia. I come from a family of five and am the fourth born. I have two brothers and two sisters. I completed high school in 2016 and now am waiting to go to college. I came to know about the internship through Abby. It was great to hear that I was accepted to be an intern after I had applied. I set goals for myself for the three months I was to be here, which are to know more about the Bible, to encounter God, to grow and to take “STEPS” in my spiritual walk with the Lord, which I know is coming up well for me.
My first week of being here, we learned about “GOD’S STORY” with Abby and John. I loved the way they taught and I understood most of the things. I loved the point she said, “we are created for God’s kingdom and we were given dominion over every creature.” We had Poetice Kidz on a Wednesday which was so great for me because I love kids a lot. An exciting thing that we had was the POETICE KIDS YOUTH CAMP. We had over 45(+) kids from different communities around Choma. It was so amazing and fun. The other week had come, when we had to tell our stories sitting as the team of interns and staff. I thought I couldn’t. Because since childhood, I have not been open to anyone around me or ever told anyone my story and what I was going through. I am really thankful to the Lord that now I am able to speak out and tell my story to everyone.

The second week we learned about IDENTITY with Daniel and Sarah. It was such a dream for me to learn about WHO and WHAT I am. I came to understand what Identity is. Identity is who God says I am. I learned that there are core lies and core truths. All my life I have been living under a core lie that is, I AM NOT CAPABLE AND NOT LOVED. Now I learned that it was not true. They were all core lies because I now have friends who love a lot and they understand who I am. I have a sweet mentor who loves and prays for me. I really thank God for her. I really liked what Daniel and Sarah left for us to do. They said we should write the core lies on a piece of paper and speak that we won’t be ruled by the core lies again. We had to do that, and it was so amazing. I got the relief of my heart.
The third week we learned about FREEDOM with Dave. He said things that touched my heart. Dave said, God gave us the freedom, but we should not use it to make others slaves. He also said, what we fear and desire is what we worship. He told us that we were all given the freedom through his blood, the freedom to have a choice.

In the fourth week, we learned about “GOD’S DREAM FOR AFRICA” with Bruce and Fred. Bruce showed us as why we differ in color. He told us that we differ in color to fulfill God’s nature and plan. Then after three days, we were taught by Fred. He said something that really touched me. He said whenever we do something, we should always say ‘MORE OF GOD AND LESS OF ME’. I really thank God for these four weeks. I really hope I will learn more in these coming weeks.

Elizabeth Mudenda- 2018 Immersion Intern