What I Have Learned

June 28th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

Hi, this is Enoch Kambulu. I am 22 years old from Livingstone, Zambia. I came here to Poetice in Choma to learn about missions and how they are changing the communities through justice. Since our internship lessons begun from day one, they have been life-changing in the aspects of spiritual, physical, relational, mental, teamwork, missions, and DBS.

Getting to learn that God is relational and understanding how the GODHEAD functions. 

Abigail taught us about the GODHEAD—a family of joyful intimacy. We learned how they worked together as one, rejoicing when they were creating the humanity and the world, knowing that God created humanity to have family relationship, knowing that we were made in the image of the Trinity–not in just one of them but in the image of them all, and knowing that God is the only one that can satisfy us above all things, regardless of the things we may have. But after humanity had deviated from the original design by disobeying GOD out of the free will, which was given to humanity, mankind lost his original design. But JESUS came in and restored back our original design in the GODHEAD that Jesus represents us in the GODHEAD.

Getting to learn about identity, it was awesome and understanding our original identity.

Daniel and Sarah taught us that our Identity is not about what people say. It is about what God says we are because our true identity originates from Him. When you see and feel about yourself the way God sees you, you will live the way God wants you to live, because identity is received, not achieved by living in true self-living. 

Freedom is being able to do things without restrictions moving from bondage to free living.

I have also learned that freedom comes with responsibilities and consequences, that as a child of God I shouldn’t use my freedom to sin. I have to take responsibilities of the choices I make and do. I learned that everybody submits to something. someone some God knowing that we become what we worship either internally or external that I need to live as a son, not a slave that what is better than freedom is belonging & adoption.

Enoch Kambulu – 2018 Immersion Intern