VIOLET MWAANGA: Second Update!

July 24th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

First and foremost, I want to thank my God for everything he has done for me and what he is still doing in my life.
Last week we were in Malawi Mangochi for the outreach, it was a great experience my faith was tested and strengthened in a way I can’t even explain. During the outreach we were split in groups. In my group we were five, and we visited Mpondasi village first. While in Mpondasi we visited three families, we did DBS (Discovery Bible Study) with them, shared testimonies and prayed with them.

The second village was Matewele. In Matewele, we visited two or three families and did the same as the first village. The first day we visited we were asked by one lady to pray for her son who had cerebral malaria. The boy refused to be prayed for and he left, so we prayed for him through his mother. The second day we visited this lovely lady and her family and friends. This lady sounded like she was scared of God, and felt forced to worship God because if she didn’t, his wrath will be on her and her family. So we shared scripture of God’s love and forgiveness. Later that day, we prayed for a woman who had a problem with her urinary system. The second day we visited her she told us she was healed and that when she went to the hospital the doctor told her she was ok! She praised God and so did we! The boy who had malaria came to us and he told us he was healed as well! It was amazing to see how God worked through us.

The same day we prayed for a demon possessed woman. We prayed for her and saw Jesus set her free. The next day we went back she told us the pain disappeared and she just felt fire in her stomach so we prayed for her and she was free! She asked us to pray for her granddaughter who had a fever, and the fever left her immediately. My faith was tested when I had to pray for a man who couldn’t walk. My group was encouraging me to pray for him, and though I was doubtful, I heard the voice of god telling me to have faith and believe in him. I told the man that I had faith that he could walk, and if he has the same faith he should stand up and walk in the name of Jesus. He stood and walked he praised God! I cried because I was believed that truly with faith one can do anything through the name of Jesus.

A few days before the trip I felt God’s presence far from me. It felt like my spirit or soul left me and I was just an empty body. I could not think about anything even the first three days in Malawi I felt he same way. It was hard for me because I felt like everyone hated me and I felt invisible. I couldn’t even hear God’s sweet voice. I talked to Max and he encouraged and prayed for me. Erin also talked with me and prayed for me. Through all that I cried and prayed to God and I was restored. I heard God telling me to have faith in him and trust him and that he loved me so much.

Lastly, through all this I learned that God is the only creator and that he loves his creation and that his love is everlasting. I learned that I have the authority to do anything with his help who gives me strength and that God will never leave nor forsake me.

Violet Mwaanga • 2017 International Immersion Intern