Internship Update: Weeks Nine & Ten

August 1st, 2015 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2015

Yes: I’m aware there was no update for weeks 7 & 8 and no: it doesn’t bother me. 

“Also, if you read this, just know, these more than likely won’t be coming every week.” In fairness, I had that disclaimer in the first post.
Weeks 9 & 10 were spent in Kalungu Village (Isoka) at the FCE base. When we were in Luanshya for outreach (week 3) we visited the FCE base there, and now we’re even further from home.
We left for Isoka on Thursday, July 16, at 6:15 pm. We arrived at the base Saturday, June 18, at 2:45 am. Yes, that’s 32.5 hours of travel. There were many factors that played into this longer-than-expected trip, but the journey was well worth it. (We even had showers. Like showers. Which were even sometimes warm.)
Also – I had the smallest bananas and largest orange of my life on this roadtrip:
1. The FCE team. Hands-down the biggest highlight of these two weeks. Immediately they welcomed us into their lives; we became fast friends, and learned from each other every day. Definitely hard to leave these guys, as they quickly became like family. Never a dull moment: conversations filled with laughter, teasing, and joy.


2. Being pushed out of our elements. For example, gardening included being elbow deep in cow manure. Literally. For one weekend, bathrooms included dozens upon dozens of cockroaches. Also, netball: it was more challenging that I originally thought. And I quickly learned that I stink at hand-washing jeans … thankfully Limpo is a patient teacher. 
3. Kids Ministry. Love the universal sound of giggles even in languages I don’t know. Running coloring time one week to songs the next, the time with kids was priceless.
4. Creating Classroom Materials. Helped in the process of making materials for preschool classrooms – so fun to get to do something teacher-y. And Lillian and I are pretty much pros when it comes to tape-laminating, if I do say so myself.
5. A weekend in the village. Here’s the weekend of cockroaches in bathrooms… But God showed me His faithfulness in the little things through this experience: I enjoyed every moment (even the capentas and floor-shining). Plus, the family was just exceptional.
Overall, these two weeks have been incredible. I hated to see them come to an end, as that meant goodbyes (yes dad, I know goodbyes aren’t any easier five minutes from now – but they still stink) and it now means two weeks left in Zambia. So many emotions – glad God can handle them all 🙂
A positive to the goodbyes – I’m now back to being able to get some gelato whenever – thanks, Livingstone. 🙂
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