Internship Update: Week Three

June 12th, 2015 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2015

blogger-image-109274532OUTREACH WEEK!

Left at 3:30 AM Sunday morning. No 4 hour church service for us this week. 13 hours on the bus and we made it to Luanshya!
This week consisted of brick building, kid giggling, hospital cleaning, elderly loving, soccer playing fun. God is alive and moving and it’s just a beautiful thing to witness.
Monday we served with Loves Door building bricks and playing with kids. A sweet little boy named Anthony stole my heart and I was reminded of how much language barriers suck. But giggles and piggy-back-rides are universal.
Tuesday morning we cleaned at the hospital and toured the facility. In the afternoon we spent time praying with patients. FYI: God still heals people today. That’s not just a thing He did in the Bible. He is still healing.
Wednesday morning we went to a “home for the old.” We cleaned up the place and prayed with some of the elderly who are living there. The afternoon we had free, so we went to town and I had a chocolate covered donut (Dad, it may have beat any Conroys donut I’ve had) and bought my first chitenga (I probably didn’t spell that right…)
Thursday morning we went and toured FCE – a Christian university in Luanshya that focuses on a cross-cultural education to empower and equip people.
That afternoon we went back to Loves Door for sports ministry. Me being the very un-athletic person that I am, hung out with Anthony again and cheered on the boys (and Hannah) in their soccer game.
Friday was another 3-something AM departure to head home to Livingstone with a pit-stop in Lusaka. Because of this longer-than-expected stop we were able to see the sunset while driving home. Anna, they’re as beautiful as you remember.


My highlight was seeing our team come together and watching my teammates thrive in their elements. Everyone had a part to play, everyone had a place where they felt the most at home, and it was such a blessing to work alongside each and every team member. God is doing great things. He’s reminding me of who He is and what He can do.
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