Internship Update: Week Four

June 19th, 2015 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2015
blogger-image-1856422221So I can’t take credit for this picture, it’s all the photography skills of Brooke, but this is home. The house you see is the girls house, the picture is from the entrance to the kitchen which is a part of the boys house. Just in case anyone wanted to see it, here it is.
Every morning we wake up to cool, refreshing temperatures as the sun hasn’t made a full appearance. Once the sun is shining, it’s nice warm (sometimes hot) temps, and as soon as the sun goes down its chilly nights. It’s glorious. I love, love, love it.
Baking, walks, random worship sessions, guitar lessons: they’re all a part of the week.

This week’s ministry included time interviewing women about issues of purity, spending time at Hillcrest with Reach 4 Life, and home visits for fellowship.


Oh. And I helped clean the chickens’ living quarters (well, I did help, and then I undid my help by spilling water on the clean shavings…I’m such a klutz). But look at how happy the little chicks are:
We had some birthdays on the team this week, too! Abby’s on Wednesday, Tafadzwa’s on Thursday, and Eyram’s is on Saturday. So naturally we had to celebrate 🙂
Friday (today) we went to get our work visas – can’t believe 30 days is up on Monday! And John drove us home:Despite our fears, he did a great job!
Fridays are also “expect the unexpected” days … And today we went to Victoria Falls. We got soaked. We went down to the boiling point. I was overwhelmed by God’s goodness, mercy, creation, and presence.


All-in-all, this week was incredible. God is moving and speaking and it’s a glorious thing to witness. Thanks for your prayer and support. We had talked about finding rest in God and I feel like that’s exactly what I experienced. He is good.


If I can make a request, please be praying as I start making decisions about when I’ll be coming back to Zambia. (Haven’t even left and I’m making plans/have options for my return – God is so good). And be praying for the health of our team – physically and spiritually. You guys are the best.

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