Internship Update: Week Five

June 27th, 2015 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2015


Sunday evening the team from LXP in South Africa arrived. They arrived dancing and singing. A beautiful thing.
Monday mid-day the team from Hamburg in New York arrived.
We have like 50 or so people here all the time now (11 sleep at Zion, but otherwise everyone’s here 24/7). And the house I posted a pic of in the last post — that’s the house we are all in for meals, prayer, worship, sessions…
I said the LXP team came in, at night, singing and dancing, and they haven’t stopped since they arrived. So much life and joy here this week – it’s been great.
Back to Beat the Drum. My brief synopsis of the program is this: teaching HIV and AIDS preventative programs (abstinence) in high schools using biblical values. Pretty much we’ll be in classrooms with a partner teaching high schoolers truth about the disease and what they can do to prevent it. (I’ll be with grade 11 students). The curriculum comes from the movie Beat the Drum and incorporates biblical values. If you haven’t watched the movie, start there 🙂
Next week we go to David Livingstone High School. So here are some things you could be praying for:
1. Pray for our team as we teach and for the students as they participate in the program – that their minds and hearts would be receptive to truth.
2. Pray for us as Satan continues to attack the team and the students spiritually. Pray strongholds are broken.
3. Pray for the physical health of the team! We’ve already had enough sickness. Thanks!
4. Pray for unity amongst the team – that we will be patient with obstacles and our grace will abound.
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