Update: program TEN.

August 1st, 2014 Posted by Abigail Van Peursum
This last month we ran a program called ‘Program Ten’ which features ten days of service in the community. The purpose is IMG_9357to pour into the community of Choma, build family as an organization and create opportunities for the Father to encounter us, both staff, volunteers, campers and any individuals in the community. The program was led by 20 leaders from Fortress, the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg, and other local leaders from the Southern Province (Zambia is divided into 10 provinces, rather than states. We are located in the Southern Province, which is about the size of South Carolina). We served in local hospitals and clinics and hosted a camp during the 10 day program. And while serving is beautiful and seeing God move, speak, heal and change our eyes is one of my favorite things, what he was showing me even more was what his heart is for prayer! Ill post a new blog about that soon!
But this month has been SO encouraging for me. I saw so much fruit this month. Sometimes I feel like I write about the good things and leave our the rough patches, but ah! This month I have just been seriously so filled up. The spirit of the Lord has been close and I’ve been so full of energy and joy and perspective. We’ve been setting time aside for worship and prayer and hanging out and campfires and meals and life together as a whole family at Fortress. There’s been PEOPLE around and life is happening, and I have just been able to see and celebrate without hindrance what God is doing daily:) 

I can’t get enough of this kid. This is Jerry. Get used to seeing him:)


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