Update: EXP 6 Prayer & Mission

July 1st, 2014 Posted by Abigail Van Peursum

IMG_8927We just finished the 6 week EXP Prayer & Mission summer internship! While I had all my own expectations for what and how things would go down, even I was outdone in many ways by what we just experienced. Through the two focal points of prayer and mission, we are able to largely set our attention on the Lord- spending time listening to Him, worshipping Him, studying the Word, discussing scripture and simply sitting in His presence. Since my time during YWAM, I haven’t given this much time to God. And gosh- He amazes me and seriously just wins me over when I give him the attention to do so. He speaks life, convicts me, reveals my mindsets, reminds me who He is and renews that deep giddy joy in who my Jesus is, who I am and what the heck my life is. He is so good! And to think He did this in 11 different ways, to 11 different people during the same time was the most beautiful piece of the whole program. He encountered us as we were stretched 100_0336thin as we slept at the border of SA and Botswana. He stepped in when we were sick, proving He is God, and that He does answer when we call to Him. That He simply wants us to know Him, and He will do whatever it takes to show us! But it was through the time and attention when we seek Him, its this when He can actually show us. Throughout the whole program, He used different paths to get to us- whether through outreach, sharing our testimony, creating new friendships, praying out loud, learning new songs, times of solitude. We experienced our God. And this is the best thing we could have ever asked for. Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

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Abby Phillips is the Program Architect of Poetice International.