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September 9th, 2016 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2016

“What are you doing here, Elijah?”

And as Elijah confesses his fear, God calls him back to his true identity.

During my time with the Elijah Experience (EXP), I can identify a lot with Elijah in this story. For so much of my past, I have been controlled by fear. Although I have been in relationship with God in the past, my choices often reflected my fears.

In the beginning part of the summer, God reminded me that the core of my identity is in being His beloved. He freed me from shame I hadn’t recognized that I had. In Lesotho, He called me out on deep parts of my identity that I need to surrender – parts of my identity that are rooted in fear.

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Throughout this summer/winter, God has been calling me out of fear and to the identity He intends for me. Just as the falls can change so drastically in three months yet still in essence remain the same, so God is doing with my soul. As God calls Elijah out of fear, He calls him into relationship and into mission. My perspective change has shown me parts of my identity and life choices that are not in line with God’s heart. As intimidating as it can be to return to the States and the familiar setting of my old habits, it is also exciting because God has promised to give me the bravery to follow through with my decisions and to pour down an overflowing blessing when I choose to follow His heart despite opposition.

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Many people probably have the question: “are you glad you did the Elijah Experience?” Without a doubt. It has probably been the most spiritually challenging time of my life yet, but challenge brings growth. It has not been the growth I was expecting going into this, but it is exactly the growth God had planned for me from the beginning of this. Thankfully, His wisdom is so much better than mine.

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