August 1st, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

The great experience being witnessed at Poetice International Zambia in astonishing to me, like never before. It’s getting interesting by the minute, hour, day and week in the Gospel lessons that we are learning here. Hi this is Melody Kawadza, and I am back again with my second blog and I promise you need to take your time because amazing things follow.

We had a great ten-day experience in Lesotho (kingdom) with a long 36-hour drive by bus. Enduring the long journey from Zambia to Lesotho was a great thing. My experience there was painting, field work and hiking the mountain. We went for outreach and visited different families. We taught the gospel of God, and after doing so, people gave their lives to Christ. We could see the great job that Godfrey and Elizabeth are doing in Lesotho with the passion they have for God and the people of Lesotho, transforming people’s lives. Everybody in Nkwing village are pleased with Godfrey and Elizabeth’s love for people.

While in Lesotho, we learned about simplicity and solitude. Simplicity is freedom and duplicity is bondage. I learned about living a simple life like Jesus did. God created a man in a simple way. Duplicity brings anxiety and fear. To experience the liberating spirit of simplicity will affect how we live. I also learned about solitude, which was a new word to me. We practiced it by going to the mountain to have quiet time with God and speaking to him and listening to what He had to say to me. But He didn’t say anything, not that He didn’t want to or He had nothing to say, but I wasn’t ready and I didn’t know what to do.

Every good thing comes with challenges. On this outreach, I faced challenges. The most challenging things were coldness, language, and making the road. When I learned about simplicity, I humbled myself so that however cold it was, I managed to wake up early in the morning when it was my duty to prepare breakfast. The language was a very big challenge, but I managed to greet in their language and they could respond. Challenges are meant to be overcome.

Melody Kawadza- 2018 Immersion Intern