The Truth Has Set Me Free

June 29th, 2016 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2016

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My name is Hastings Mukuwa and I am from Livingstone Zambia. It is very interesting and exciting to be with different cultures with love and unity in the same environment and sharing the same home together. I have had a lot of negative thoughts about Africa, asking myself why Africa has been so dependent. I believed that Africa is cursed. However, I found out the truth during this internship. One of the leaders taught us about God’s heart fro Africa. I came to understand things about myself and how to relate with others and how valuable they are in the sight of God. I also learned how I should celebrate spiritual discipline as it leads to growth. I learned how I should meditate, pray, fast, and study.

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I have been encouraged to more fully understand the Hope we have in Christ. Through Jesus, God is faithful and we can trust Him and His good news. This includes the fact that God keeps His promises and accomplishes His purposes. I also learned about integral mission. The other part of our study which moved my life is God’s Heart for Creation. We have been encouraged to listen to what God is telling us and to focus on Him. I also learned about submission.

“Only submission can free us sufficiently to enable us to distinguish between genuine issues and stubborn self will.”

I also learned the real issue is the spirit of consideration and respect we have for each other. We should love people unconditionally and rejoice in their success.
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Hastings Mukuwa ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Hastings Mukuwa • 2016 International Immersion Intern