The Start of Something Great

July 6th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

My name is Chris and I was born on the 9th of October in 1996. I am in a family of eight. I have four brothers and three sisters. My family is currently in Batoka, Zambia. I started my education in 2003 in Choma. I did my grade 7 and 9 at Maluma and I did my grade 12 at Choma Secondary School. My passion is soccer, music and reading. Soccer took me back to school when I had nobody by my side. My dream is pursuing my career in soccer as a coach.
My growth during this internship is that I have experienced a lot that I could never have imagined. For the first time, I served as a translator at our Community Outreach night, and I have been doing it every week since the start of this program. I am also enjoying learning from different cultures. I am also coming to know my identity (creation). I am learning how to study and read the bible. I can not wait to implement this when i return to serve as a staff member with the Soccer Ministry. I have enjoyed learning about our purpose and our time of prayer. (learning how to pray and types of prayers) and I have enjoyed the community nights with our Immersion Trips.
I have faced several challenges. I have never had peace of mind since my childhood. Even today, I am still struggling with this. My brothers, sisters and friends are always pointing fingers at me “you are greedy and selfish. You don’t want people you are always alone.” However, I am good when I am alone. I feel blessed. I am also challenged by serving in the kitchen with my fellow interns.

Chris Kadolo • 2017 International Immersion Intern