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June 6th, 2015 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2015

So in preparation for the trip we expected to stay in Choma, however we were informed the first day that we would be spending all of our time in Livingstone. As of right now all I know is that we are doing the Elijah Experience as another name for the program. Right now we are getting most of the “orientation” stuff done, to get comfy for the rest of the three months.

So here is a summary of the group I am with and the places they come from, so that you can reference them in coming posts.


Abby- Michigan

Mike- Zambia

Aram- Ghana/South Africa

Musa- South Africa

Bruce- South Africa

Weston- Lusaka

Luganda- South Africa

Ken- Livingstone


Michael- Canandaigua

Will- Buffalo

Emily- Buffalo

John- South Dakota

Laura- South Dakota

Lillian- Indiana


Hannah- Michigan

Ronald- Zimbabwe

Prince- Zimbabwe

Olivia- Choma, Zambia

Debbie- Zambia

Limpo- Zambia

Sharon- Zambia

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