The Great God Experience

June 28th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

My name is Kamima Caesar Botha from Choma Zambia and am 26 years old. I came to learn about Poetice and the great work they are doing in the communities surrounding Choma town from someone working there. I was very much inspired by the work they are doing in trying to change the communities to know the goodness of God. As it is my passion to see to it that the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached everywhere in the world, I was very much interested in knowing the great work they are doing. The great work Poetice is doing is mind-blowing because the response is overwhelming and great change can be seen in all angles from these communities. I am one of the seventeen interns that are doing the three-month immersion internship program, the 2018 class (Poetice).

We have done four weeks of learning so far out of the twelve weeks we are covering, and during this time the experience has been awesomely incredible. We have had seven great inspirational and passionate teachers, tacking on a number of wonderful topics. The lessons have been really inspirational in my life like never before. The topics and teachers are listed below:

– God story and Discipline (John and Abigail)

God Story – the purpose of why God created Man in his own image is to form and extend his loving family. Man was given free will to choose what is good and bad; it is what has made sin to exist and love to be possible. This means that when man sinned, he separated from God because of the sin. God loves man because he is family but hates sin (when man sins he distances himself from God). Then God made it possible for man to come back to him through sending his son Jesus Christ to come on earth and be sacrificed for man’s sin. 

– Identity (Daniel and Sarah)
Identity – ‘identity is received not achieved, it is discovered not earned.’ It is seeing and feeling about yourself the way God sees and feels about you–‘IMAGO DEI’ (image of Divinity). Man was created for relationship, to be in intimacy with him or a sacred closeness with God. Man is unique, worthy, and valuable to God. Man has core beliefs which he trusts in life, some are core truths and others are core lies. We have to trust only core truths and ignore core lies in our lives. We can only find our true self by seeking God in the first place and strengthening our relationship with Him.

– Freedom (Dave Swenson)
Freedom – to be free, someone must have come from a bondage or restriction and move to freedom, with consequences or responsibilities attached to it. The questions are: what do you fear? What do you desire? Where does our help come from? God is the answer; we fear, desire and receive help from God (worship). The best way to break from these bondages is giving up and letting go, and turn to God completely. Freedom will always relate with belonging, adoption, covenant, commitment, trust, and friendship. The place of intimacy and friendship is conflict, then it will be loving.

– God’s dream for Africa (Bruce and Fred)
God’s dream for Africa – are Africans cursed? This is the question that every African has been battling with. Knowing that Africans are descendants of Ham (the second born son of Noah), there has been a belief that since he was cursed so are they. The consolation can be found in the book of Exodus 20:5. We are all blessed by God, and the blessing of God is unreversible. God created all the races to reflect His true image.

Being on the base with people from different cultures is really challenging, and interesting at the same time (America, Malawi, Mexico, Uganda, and Zambia). No cultures from other countries are being exhibited, but we have formed one culture called the kingdom culture. At first, it was not easy to relate with everyone, especially with people from different cultures. But now it has become really great because I interact with everyone, and living as one people in a community with different cultures is great. And I am also learning about the good things about other cultures from different cultures.

The experience about spreading the Gospel here at Poetice is mind-blowing. The kids and youths program every Wednesday has really taught me so much. Outreach in the surrounding communities has really impacted me with new and great things. I attended a youth camp held on the base, which was a success and had a great impact on me. God has really been speaking to me about the plans he has for me in teaching the Gospel. I have come to believe that God has a purpose for me, which has to be fulfilled in this world–the need to take the Gospel of God to all corners of the world. It has simply been wonderful in the four weeks so far, Holy Spirit filled the atmosphere, grace and blessed experience.


Kamima Botha – 2018 Immersion Intern