The Emert Family – Great Things Are Happening

March 12th, 2018 Posted by The Emert's - Ministry Update

It has been almost a month since we have been back in Zambia. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the States. We found time to connect with many of you, were encouraged to visit with friends and family and loved our time to share the vision of where we are heading in 2018 and beyond. It is crazy to think that we have been living in Zambia for four years now. Sometimes it feels like we just moved here yesterday and sometimes like we have been here even longer.

As much as we loved the States I can safely say that we are all excited to be back in Zambia and more specifically in Choma. Homeschool is in full swing, the children are taking karate twice a week, we love our new home, and we are busy helping to set up ministry here. As we begin this year we are so grateful for what the Lord has done to bring us back to the town that we love so dearly. It has been so fun to reconnect with old friends and dream about God’s vision for Choma. I have already had the opportunity to meet with several pastors and talk about what their dream is for Choma, for Zambia, and beyond. Interestingly enough each time I have spoken to one of them and asked what the greatest need was, they all told me that the biggest void that they find is a lack of leadership. I had the opportunity to write more about this in the Poetice blog. Take a minute and read it by clicking here.  We are looking forward to hosting a leadership conference in July where many of the area pastors and leaders will be attending. Pray with us that this begins to spark a different mentality of leadership that will send waves into congregations throughout Zambia.
The ministry is busy in getting everything prepared for our interns who will arrive in May as well as the teams that will be coming shortly after. I will be overseeing the property which is large and does require some renovations. Pray with us that we can get all of the work done in a timely manner with the resources needed. This will actually be an ongoing project as we work to upgrade and maintain what the Lord has given us.

One of the things we have loved more than anything is reaching out into the communities that we are near. Our home and the base are situated next to two compounds, Mwapona and Kabanana. My friend Abigail Van Peursem who is leading our team with her husband John wrote an excellent blog on what life looks like in these compounds. If you want to see what our afternoons look like take a peek by clicking here.

We are grateful for what the Lord is doing as we begin Poetice Zambia and are back in a place that is dear to our hearts. Let me share with you some of those:

  • We have established Poetice Zambia and are legally able to run as a ministry.
  • The first three people that changed their work permits were able to do so in a weeks time (this has NEVER happened before).
  • Our team is working closely together and we are united in vision and purpose.
  • We are seeing God connect us to the right people who know key people in leadership (headmen, chiefs, government officials, and pastors).
  • Our family has never been at a place where we had more peace since we have been in Zambia.

Here are some things you can pray for:

  • Our work permits are in the middle of being changed over. That this will happen quickly so that we can be fully involved with the ministry. Currently, we cannot “work” until this happens.
  • For our time as a family. We have plenty of time together for sure but are seeking how the Lord would want us to balance personal and ministry time.
  • For Poetice Kids Ministry. This is being launched at the beginning of April!
  • For continued support. We are in need of additional monthly donors to meet our current budget needs.

Okay, so that’s a lot to think on and pray about. Just know that as we always say we are grateful for each and every one of you and can’t wait to share more as we move forward this year. Leza Mubotu Cindi Conse (God is Good All the Time)!!!
Jeremy, Courtney, Olivia, Jude, Lincoln, and Napoleon (the cat)