Teachings and Takeaways

June 26th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

What’s up friends & fam?! How has it already been five. whole. weeks. since I left the States?? It’s wild how the time is soaring past. While the time since stepping off the plane in Zambia has been flying by, it certainly hasn’t been uneventful. I have been growing in ways I didn’t even anticipate and it has been pretty special. So far, this experience is building a new foundation and setting the trajectory for the rest of my life. Where do I even begin?

Let’s start with the people. It’s amazing how this group of interns feels like a family. We’re all brothers and sisters, brought from several different places and cultures to take part and be immersed in this kingdom culture experience for three months. It’s pretty inspiring to see us all come together. To be totally honest, I was really second guessing myself leading up to the internship– due to my own insecurities– and whether or not I should still come. I am so thankful that God was persistent and brought me here regardless. I’m grateful that His plan for me is far greater than my doubts. I seriously cannot imagine not meeting these people and everyone else on staff. So many genuine men and women of faith to look up to and walk with. It’s really cool being in a community like this, in which we can all walk through this experience together, speaking life into each other, building one another up and empowering our brothers and sisters to live into the identity that God spoke into us at the very beginning.

Let’s talk about the teachings now. WOW. We’re going on week five of teachings and I’ve already learned so much– so much about myself, so much about God’s heart, His character, and His dream for creation: this world and its people. It has all been incredibly formative in making my pursuit of the Lord’s heart truly my own. I’ve experienced the Lord’s presence in ways I have never before. I’m learning just how intimate this relationship with my God is meant to be, and that’s pretty awesome.

Let’s talk ministry now. YES. On Mondays, my small group has the opportunity to serve at a farm of some close friends of the ministry. The profit they bring in from selling crops and animals goes toward funding education for orphans in the community. This family also recently planted a church called, The Point, which is actually based in Holland, MI. They also lead ministry and business classes at their church to empower young adults in entrepreneurial careers with ministry at the core. The leaders of these ministries are really genuine, inspiring, and down to earth people who are clear agents of change in Choma. I am really grateful to have the opportunity to serve alongside their mission– it has been an enjoyable experience to be a part of. Amongst the Bible studies, home visits, and other happenings on the base and in the compounds, I am making some great connections and building some pretty awesome relationships with some really incredible people. This upcoming week, another intern and I have the opportunity to teach a mother of one of the girls in our Poetice Kidz group how to read the Bible. This will be a really rewarding and challenging experience, however, I’m excited to dive deeper into the Word with this family!

Alright, so my biggest takeaways up until this point…
I have ~loved~ learning about my true identity. I’m working on living my true-self and believing that I am who God says I am– totally living into it and living wholeheartedly. This has been life changing! I am also really enjoying learning about Kingdom culture and how God intends His people to live together. This has been eye-opening and super cool to experience in this community. It’s been pretty special getting to be a part of such a unique experience, and I am confident it will change the way I see the communities I live in the future– inspired to cultivate a Kingdom culture on earth.
Lastly, our basic calling in life is to love God and love people. As Christians, our mission in life is to join Jesus in advancing the kingdom. I’m learning that mission is something that truly can be done in every area of my life. This is really encouraging, as my two greatest passions regarding my life ahead are for missions and physical therapy. I’ve had a dream to be able to integrate the two into my future career, it’s just been a matter of figuring out necessarily what that will look like moving forward. I have been encouraged in hearing that several of our teachers have other careers while also still making ministry a huge part of their lives. I’m stoked to learn more about how God will continue to reveal His plan for me in the coming months.

Jenna Fort – 2018 Immersion Intern