Teach Me To Pray

July 5th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

Hey there, my name is Caleb Maat, but everyone here calls me “Maatie”. I’m a 22 year old man from Zeeland, Michigan. The Lord called me to Africa months ago, I couldn’t be more excited and thankful to be here in Zambia. My journey into mission work started years ago when I went to Haiti shortly after the earth quake happened. I saw for the first time God’s heart for missions. Since then, I studied at Kuyper Bible College for a year internationally wandering into what my God given vocation is. I know I’m on the right track being here.

The Lord has already taught me so much in the first month. He continues to teach me how to pray. I’ve experienced firsthand how powerful prayer can be! The power of intercession; praying for others. I’ve experienced this the most as I walk through the communities here in Choma. Every Monday we are sent in teams of two out into the communities around our base to make and maintain relationships with those we come in contact with. For example, I met a woman named Ester. Ester is responsible for 4 children, of which only one is her own. As I got to know her story and what her daily life looks like, it was clear she was sick. She explained to me that she was having respiratory problems, she couldn’t breathe right, and her chest felt tight. She then asked me to pray for her healing. I have never prayed for healing before, but how could I say no? We prayed and went on our way. The next week I returned to Ester’s house to catch up and see how she was feeling, and as you can guess, she felt better! She explained that the Lord had started to heal her and that her breathing and chest pains had started to fade! This news warmed my heart and really encouraged me to continue to learn all how to pray for others.

I’m being intentional with my time here. To soak up all that I can of the Zambian culture and it’s love for God. To grow in my relationship with Christ alongside my fellow interns. Being in an environment of believers that support and lift each other up has been an honor to be apart of. It’s taught me how to be in community, how to lean on one another in times of strife, and the importance of creating relationships with Christ in the center. The relationships I’ve made here will last a lifetime, there’s no doubt.

The ministry I’m in is called O.V.C. (Orphans and vulnerable children). One of the activities we are tasked with is leading/planning Kids Club! We have kids from the communities around us come to the base every Wednesday so that we can pour into their lives. We play games, we have devotions and Bible time, we have so much fun. These kids have such big hearts and they bless us as much as we bless them.

Caleb Maat • 2017 International Immersion Intern