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Doing justice isn’t a single action or something that can be confined to a short-term trip–Justice is a lifestyle. To GO is to accept the invitation, embrace the challenge, and begin an adventure. Our International Immersion Internship program embraces this philosophy. During the 12-week immersion internship, each intern goes through an intense process of understanding this call on their lives.


Kamima Botha

Jenna Fort

Lillian Gondwe

Henry Imwumbe

Collett Kadolo

Enoch Kambulu

Melody Kawadza

Mallory Mishler

Elizabeth Mudenda

Memory Mulowa

Katie Piner

Shae Reinke

Christopher Rheman

Gift Syambale

Olivia Thompson

Dalila Trinidad

McKenzie Warner

We believe stories are powerful,
especially when they are personal.

The blogs below share the experiences of our International Immersion Internship Program.
The highs, the lows and everything in between.
All views and opinions expressed in these stories are those of the interns.