Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

August 1st, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

We started off June 30th to Lesotho for outreach. The joyful moment was hiking in the mountains and going to the community of N’kwane with the leaders from LXP. The most joyful day was when I was given the opportunity to teach the kids from 7 years and below and the teaching was about Adam and Eve and how God sent His only son to die for us. We asked questions to the kids about what they learned and one kid said, “God loves us and He sent His Son to die for us.” Another joyful moment was on our last day in the community when we had the opportunity to meet with a high school girl and speak identity over her. I was really happy to have the chance to talk to her. Earlier in the week, my group met a woman in the village who was very ill and walking with a stick. We prayed for healing over her and the next day she was walking without her stick. 

Each and every day that comes brings something to learn about. I learned about simplicity as a discipline. According to the book, Celebration of Discipline, simplicity is freedom and Jesus is the perfect example of simplicity. He had all the powers to acquire all that he needed, but He chose to live a life of simplicity. Since I am His child, I should follow His example and also find joy in something that I do not own. I also learned about solitude as a discipline, which was something new. I did not know what to do or what to expect. When we went to the mountains to practice it, I expected God to speak to me, but I sat for three hours and could not hear anything. I learned that sometimes God is quiet, not that He doesn’t know what to say or He doesn’t want to say anything. But, He is always ready to speak when we decide to open up our hearts to Him. 

On this outreach, I had many challenges, like farming, making a road (construction), and the cold. The most challenging thing was the cold because I never wanted to do anything because my body was so cold. But I had to overcome it by applying other challenges like road construction to keep my body warm. For the other challenges, I overcame them through the unity that I saw amongst the group. Overall, through this outreach, God was speaking one or two words to me, and that was really encouraging to bring back home and enabled me to continue to do what God was teaching me.

Lillian Gondwe – 2018 Immersion Intern