Stepping Out

June 26th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018, Shae Reinke

We are four weeks into the Poetice Internship and I feel like I have learned and done so much that I almost don’t know where to start. The very first weekend, the staff surprised us in sharing that Poetice would be hosting a youth camp through the weekend and the 17 of us interns would get to be the camp counselors. While it was somewhat crazy having 80 youth on base after we had only been here for a few days, it really provided an amazing opportunity for us to get to know the kids from the area. I made quick connections with some of the girls who also attend Poetice Youth on Wednesdays and I have gotten to know those girls more and more each week. I get to see them on Wednesdays, visit them in their homes and communities on Thursdays, and see some of them at
church on Sundays. They are bright lights in Choma and I am so thankful I get to learn from them and walk with them as they continue to step into who God created them to be. It’s been so fun!

In week one of our morning class sessions, Abby did an incredible job bringing God’s story to life. Understanding God’s story reveals to us why we exist. We are here on earth because God loves relationship so much that he created humanity to enjoy
relationship with him. He has invited us into community with him. Even though we screwed it up, he was always looking for a way for us to be united with him again. Enter Jesus. He became human, lived life with us and was just like us yet he did not sin. He set the ultimate example and died to pay the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be free from our worldly brokenness. Even though we still fall short and still screw things up sometimes, we are invited into a healing relationship with God. We are forgiven and we can move on and grow so that we can become more and more like Jesus in this life on earth. The more we become like him, the more we can enjoy the life God originally intended for us. Jesus changes everything.

We have continued to build on this reality of us as humans made in God’s image each week and the teachers each week have spoken so many necessary truths to us and over us. As interns, we are 17 individuals coming from many different cultures and it has been beautiful to see how each of us is made in God’s image. God is much more inclusive than we can imagine, and we are missing out if we do not seek out and take opportunities to learn from our brothers and sisters in all cultures. I have been especially challenged to think about how I have missed some opportunities to learn from others who are different than me in the United States. Stepping out of my comfort zone will always require sacrifice, but the sacrifice I make means I will be opening up more room for God. More room for him to show me new things, more room for him to transform me, and more room for him to show me his continued faithfulness. Not only am I being reminded of these truths and learning new things, I am expectantly praying that others hear and experience these same truths from God. Whether they already know Jesus or have yet to get to know him, he always has new things to reveal to us. My prayer is that my life will reflect Jesus more and more each day, that I will see others as God sees them, and that I will obediently encourage others to be imitators of Christ. Jesus changes everything and we get to be a part of that change in the world around us.


Shae Reinke