Spring 2015 Update

March 24th, 2015 Posted by Abigail Van Peursum

– Published on March 24, 2015 –

I often get the question “What do you do when you’re in the states?” I forget to blog or share or post while I am on this side of the ocean. But, the truth is, there’s so much going on! Here’s an update both stateside and abroad.

In Zambia, we have begun to expand into surrounding cities. We have started several new ministries in both Livingstone and Lusaka. We have initiated transformational development with several groups and individuals effected by HIV/aids. We have held worship and healing ministry at our remote bases. We’ve started screen printing & transportation entrepreneurial initiatives. And we have been focusing intently on strengthening the community of volunteers serving together. Several young adults who have been on the receiving end of our ministries (including Elena!) are now helping lead these ministries and are being continually strengthened in their own walk with the Lord as they do.
However, amidst this growth and celebration, we have experienced resistance in making progress. Spiritually, relationally and structurally, we have been forced to recognize the whole system of poverty. Poverty invades minds, hearts, motives and desires. It can trickle into the way we see ourselves, our God and our neighbors. We have been led to see the poverty in ourselves. And we have come to see poverty in those we serve. This past season we have begun to understand more of the strongholds that grip the region that we continually seek to serve within. Yet, we consider it joy, to face trials of many kinds.  To learn what grips our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, has been huge in learning how to reach them in effective, real and loving ways.

In the states, I’ve been developing programs with partners abroad, improving the process of sending teams,  and played a role in continually strengthening relationships with U.S. partner churches. I have had the opportunity to visit a few of these churches in the U.S. over the past few months. This has been a blast as I receive many of these individuals in Africa each year! I have been able to better understand the church culture our teams are coming from. I’ve been so encouraged by the hearts and gererosty of the churches we serve alongside.

As the year progresses, I’m going to be sharing with you the heartbeats of the heroes involved in this work and organization. I’m also going to be sharing ways we have been challenged as a staff in how we can do justice through decisions of everyday life. Stay tuned for spotlights next month!



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