Simplicity and Humility

August 1st, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

HI everybody! I just wanna share about my journey experience to Lesotho; what I have learned and how I have grown from this journey. It has been a layered opportunity for me to go on outreach with Poetice immersion internship. My journey begins on a bus, that took about 36 hours to get from Zambia to our destination. Passing through Botswana and South Africa, it was a good experience for me. I had never stepped out of the country before, so getting to see the beauty of these two countries was amazing to me. As we were on our way, we got to see the beauty of these countries: nature, the mountains, the
plain lands. I could see the beauty and the glory of God in every creation, and my heart was leaping with joy. This was an experience I had never had before, and being eager to see how these cultures worship God kept me occupied during the long journey. When we reached Lesotho, we were all very tired and we had to take a good rest. In the morning, I saw this beautiful couple who welcomed us with such joy. So, I was so happy to meet these people and we went to hike a mountain together and spend some time there. As I was on the mountaintop looking at the wonderful, beautiful creation of God, the nature that I have never seen in my life, it made me want to worship God. As we were spending time with God and just getting to pour out our hearts to Him in worship, I met God on the mountain, and I heard his voice. He said a lot of things to me about my life, and what He’s going to do. Feeling God’s embrace of love made me know that His love changes everything.

So as we were serving at the base of LXP, Godfrey and Elizabeth (who are the LXP leaders) took us to serve by building a chicken coop. It was my first time doing that, and after playing football for about two hours, I was chosen with my two friends to build the chicken coop. We had to mix cement with soil, and it was hard for me because I was tired. But, I had to serve without complaining because I was doing that for God. It wasn’t about me, but it was about God. I learned that in everything I do, I shouldn’t complain, but always thank God and see Him in everything. Although it was tough, it made me learn to walk in simplicity and humility. Thinking about when Jesus was carrying the cross, I know that He never complained about his burden, and that encourages me to serve God and others. That was a big lesson for me, and I thank God for bringing me to Lesotho to teach me.

I was given an opportunity to engage the youths at the youth camp, among our other weekly duties. As we took time to share our stories with them, it wasn’t easy but I thought that would be the only way that we could minister Christ to them: through how God had changed our lives. As we took the time to share our stories with them and our different struggles and how Jesus has helped us overcome so much in our lives, I felt we were breaking through to them and allowing the beauty of God’s work in our lives relate to their lives and struggles as well. Overall, I am very thankful for the opportunity to go on such a great adventure for God with my team and leaders, and the lessons I learned will continue to impact me and my life for many years to come.


Enoch Kambulu – 2018 Immersion Intern