Seven Weeks Till We Go!

May 8th, 2016 Posted by The Howells' Blog

There are so many emotions wrapped up in those five words, it’s hard to begin!  The anticipation, nervousness, excitement and sadness. Needless to say, the emotional pendulum can swing back and forth in a single conversation.
April started off with a relaxing pace since we were all to enjoy some extended Howells family time for Spring Break.  That pace became a memory as we were blessed to have our home church host an African Dinner fundraiser for us on April 17.  Thanks to a fantastic refugee ministry in our church, we enjoyed authentic food and music prepared by 2 Congolese families.
At the end of that same week we hosted a fund-raising garage sale. We had 14 families donate various goods for us to sell and it was a great success but boy were we tired!
The next week of April we were preparing our instrument donations to be shipped on a container.  The shipping container was in Kansas!  We graciously had some friends volunteer an entire weekend to take our VERY loaded mini-van full of 5 personal totes and nearly 70 instruments to Kansas for us.
April 30 was our final “formal” fund-raising event.  We and some friends hosted a 5K “fun run”.  We had youth group volunteers, neighbors, co-workers and friends come to show their support and to sport our new t-shirts!

In the midst of this all we also decided to attempt to sell our house “by owner” for a few weeks to see if we had any interest.  All glory to God to let you know that we accepted an offer just last week, had inspections, appraisals and anticipate a closing very soon. Wait what?! Through all the busyness we honestly felt your prayers for us carrying us. Thank you and please don’t stop.
Visit our blog to see more pictures from these recent events
And now May has arrived. Now we are looking at the beginning of the endings. School concerts, trips, graduation, family birthdays, doctors appointments, summer camps, family outings.  Oh… and the packing, storing, selling, donating, and tossing of all of our things that have occupied the spaces of our house.  Will you please be praying for us as we make our final preparations and balance busyness with family?


As we enter into these last few weeks, we are launching our “MAY-be it’s you” campaign.  God has so clearly paved the way for us to be going (and we are SO excited!) but we are not there yet!
Perhaps you have been thinking that you’d like to get involved but one reason or another you haven’t yet. Perhaps you have thought “I’ll wait until they leave before I jump on board” or perhaps this is the first newsletter of ours you’ve read!  We are asking you all to please consider joining with us as investors in this ministry.  Here are a few reasons why YOU are being asked to consider once more getting behind what we are doing:
1) You know and love us.  You have watched our journey.  You have seen how God has opened doors, spoken through other people, and equipped us for this mission.  You have faith that God is doing the right thing and you want to show your support of us by financial investing in what we are doing.  And/OR…
2) You believe in justice.  You believe that in God’s Kingdom, there should not be pain or death.  Children should not be separated from their parents because of HIV/AIDS.  You believe that all people, regardless of color, condition, or continent have dignity and a destiny.  All people should be free to imagine their own future.  Poverty cycles must be broken.  Communities can be empowered to thrive.  You believe life is more than just surviving to the next day.  You see the power that the arts have to combat the injustice by bringing hope.  You can join in the fight by supporting us with regular monthly investment.  And/OR…
3) You trust in God’s plan.  All that justice talk might go right over your head. ( I know it did for me at first.) But You yourself have experienced God’s love, His freedom and restoration. And you want to get behind this ministry that is designed to help others experience God in that same way.  You are willing to entrust a portion of your financial resources with anticipation of how God will multiply it and his kingdom!
Whichever reason, or combination of reasons applies to you, we need you!  Just by reading through this update, you are invested in what we are doing, and we are so thankful for you!  Please consider how you might be called to take the next step and invest in our mission.  Will you please pray with us for God to provide just what we need.
When you are ready to move forward, click INVEST and get started today.
We are active on our Facebook Page ( and encourage you to LIKE it so you can see our updates there as well.  We have these lovely green Zambia flag bubbles that we will POP every time we reach another $100 monthly level.  Just let us know by email, text, or Facebook message that you have chosen to invest in us and we’ll get popping!  Our goal is to pop 10 bubbles before the end of May.

MAY-be it’s you!

Journey On,