Resonating Hearts

August 14th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

“God doesn’t have a mission for His church, but a church for His mission.”

We, as Christ-followers, are given authority to call out what is permitted or forbidden on earth– as is in heaven. (Matthew 16:19). This implies a large responsibility as part of our basic calling on earth: to fight for justice and expand the Kingdom. 

During justice week, we learned that righteousness and justice are meant to exist together. Righteousness, as defined by God’s moral character, and justice, as defined by the actions that flow from His character, create true shalom (peace) when working together in perfect unity. 

I have learned a lot from the book of Matthew, chapter 24. It’s not really up to me to decide whether I should or should not help an individual in need. This has truly changed my perspective as I prepare to go home to the States. If there’s a need that I am capable of meeting, then it’s my responsibility to do it. 

My heart really resonates with the holistic approach to fighting for justice. It’s so important to look at the whole person: spiritually, emotionally, physically, psychologically, and socially. While spiritual empowerment is the focus and foundation of fighting injustice, I believe every part of the person affects another part. If one is lacking, it is likely that another will be negatively impacted as well. As I am preparing to begin graduate school for physical therapy at the end of this month, I am especially encouraged to enter my new field. I plan to use physical therapy as my platform for ministry. It is critical to use a multidimensional approach to therapy, realizing that an individual is far more than just their physicality. This opens the door for spiritual empowerment. 

Before the internship, I believed that our basic calling in life as believers was to love God and love people. Since then, I have revised my perception of our basic calling as believers. We have another responsibility and that is to fight for justice and advance the Kingdom on earth. So, our calling in this life is to (1) love God and love people, and (2) fight for justice and advance the Kingdom. I plan to make this my mission in life, in all that I do and in every place that I am. 

I love the idea that Frederick Buechner proposes about vocation being where your great passions and the world’s deep hunger meet. I think this is something each one of us should deeply consider– what are our greatest passions and how can they be used to serve the deepest hungers and needs of this world we live in? This action in itself is the first step to fighting injustice and has the potential to cause waves of influence across the world. Let’s all do our part and take on the injustices of the world together.


Jenna Fort – 2018 Immersion Intern