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Henry Iwumbwe from Uganda – East Africa. I am married with a daughter of 2years. I have been walking with the Lord since 2003 and have seen God put me into ministry and call me a preacher. I was born and raised in Uganda but later moved to Rwanda and stayed there for 10 years. That makes my culture a mixture of two cultures. From all the above time I felt like Moses as he would go up to the mountain to listen to the Lord and could come back with the glory of the Lord shining upon him; meaning he was from a refreshed camp from the mountain with the Lord Exodus 34:28-30.

My experience in Choma, Zambia so far…

The evening that I arrived at the base for the internship, it was to my surprise I found there everyone busy with a kids camp. I had to join after nearly 24hours of travel and knowing nothing concerning what was going on. I was shown my bed and found it super, laid with a wonderful apple waiting to just refresh my mind. From there I was shown the group I was assigned to lead throughout the camp. This same group of youth I will be responsible for throughout the internship.

Monday 28th May the sessions started. From this, I said ‘yes now I am found!’, and a lot has been covered thus far: GOD’S STORY, IDENTITY, FREEDOM AND THE DREAM THAT GOD HAS FOR AFRICA.

All this has opened my eyes. Though I have been walking with the Lord for many years, I still needed more of Him in my life. Below are some of the insights that the Lord has taught me through the above sessions that have been covered:

– Came to know the original purpose for God to create me and all the creation

– This followed by reminding me who I am in the kingdom family. This has changed my life from speaking and admitting core lies that have been in my life to come to the knowledge that my identity is fought by the devil who is always whispering negativity in our lives and ministry such as, “you’re not loved”, “you’re not able”, “you’re cursed”, among others.

– On freedom, I learned that before attaining freedom, you are a slave gathering rocks. When you get freedom, you become a son scattering seeds and came to know that real freedom is not doing what you want but instead its doing what God wants you to do. This has shown me that freedom is moving away from a bad master to a good one but it doesn’t mean that you’re out of anyone’s boundary or control. This new good master sets up the rules to follow. Thanks to Dave our great teacher who even took us into ‘Trip In’ sessions. It was amazing.

– The week we’ve just ended was week four. It was about knowing the dream that God has for this continent of Africa. This opened my eyes and erased all the core lies that had become permanent in my mind that Africans are. After the flood, Noah had three children who regarded as the three races that we all originate these are; Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Being the descendants of Ham the father of Canaan. When Ham saw the nakedness of his father Noah, instead of cursing Ham, Noah instead cursed Canaan. Cannan has never been an African descendant for Ham had other children who included Cush, Put, Mizraim who are the only one believed to have traveled to Africa. (Genesis 9:18-19,10:6-12). Thanks, Bruce and pastor Fred for this wonderful revelation.

We do different outreaches through the week and have seen God work in us and great miracles happening in my life. Below are some of the experience that I am going through during this program.

– Monday we do community trash clean up in the neighboring communities and I signed up for this ministry in order to teach me much on how to be humble and grow more the servanthood in me. I have enjoyed when we the people say thanks for the good job and when we are joined by some of the people from the community in the picking process.

– My testimony can’t finish without sharing this story. We went for outreach and found a girl attacked by evil spirits. People crowded around and in my heart, I wondered how I could pray for this girl in the open space. I went on my knees and laid my hand on her head and guess what God proved to me that He is available regardless of a place! He is in any broken heart. We were amazed when a different woman from the crowd also began to manifest evil spirits. All people were afraid kept silence and God gave us an audience to pray for this woman in an open space. We took the young girl away to continue praying with her in her home. Both the woman and the young girl were set free and have not been attacked since!

– This was real refresh and outreach when we went to have some fun and had an opportunity to play some soccer and volleyball. Man, it was real because it had been three years since I last played these games.

I have met many wonderful people and interacting has just been so fun the mingling of cultures food American, Mexican and above Zambia’s number one meal “nshima”.

In conclusion of the past four weeks, the Lord has been so faithful to me and it has helped me to discover myself and to erase all the lies that I was contented with as part of my life, yet they are just voices from the accuser. Because I have managed to know God’s purpose for me and found my position in the kingdom culture, and came to know even the freedom given by Christ who is the author and perfecter of my faith.

Very excited for much more that the Lord has for me in store for the next remaining weeks. Thanks and blessings.



Henry Iwumbwe – 2018 Immersion Intern