Refined and Rearranged

June 29th, 2016 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2016

Hello, I am Chileleko, a lady from Livingstone Zambia. The Elijah Experience Internship has been one of those life experiences that God’s hand was on it for my involvement from the beginning. Being a part of this internship has challenged, stretched, inspired, grown, motivated and shifted me as a person. God is redefining me. He is moving in my life in the areas that I thought made me who I am. The things that I took lightly and seemingly less important, have actually been the very things that God has been shifting in order for me to realize their importance in my Christian life. These things are being revealed as I read and discuss the book by Richard Foster called The Celebration of Discipline. This is a book that all the interns are reading. The disciplines that we’ve covered so far are study, fasting, submission, and meditation. My thought line on these discipline has been rearranged especially on fasting. As I sit hearing different speakers, many of my thoughts are being redirected and refocused. I have been challenged not to depend on what God said in the past, but to listen to God’s present word to my soul. To live on His present day word. Because He is always speaking I just wasn’t paying attention. Another challenge I have faced is the realization of how living in community with other cultures can be a barrier in a relationship if you let it. However I’ve grown to realize that Jesus is the most important common factor to any friendship. My growth can be seen in how I relate, react, and just process matters that could easily get the best of my emotions.

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Chileleko Mukonka • 2016 International Immersion Intern