August 15th, 2014 Posted by Abigail Van Peursum

Trevor & Kristy Kaufman – Team Leaders from Hamburg Wesleyan Church in NY

I’ve been processing through this prayer thing A LOT this year. Why does he ask us to pray? Does it change whether we ask? God is God, right, he is going to do what he does regardless what we say, isn’t he? Actually, no. He isn’t. He involves us so that we know he is God. Not so something bad doesn’t happen or so life unfolds the way he wants it to. He actually doesn’t care so much what happens as he cares that we know who he is in the middle of it. And so He asks us to pray in order that we see him when he answers these prayers. My theology might not be sound in this, and there might be gaps, but what I do know is the heart of my God when he shows me. And this I know he is showing me, that He wants me to know him, and he wants me to have the eyes to see him when he moves. And by inviting me to prayer, showing me what to pray for or how to pray and then letting me see it happen, this causes his heart to leap and his hand to move. Because his girl gets to see him love her and respond to my words and the cry of my heart.
He showed me this during Program Ten in the last few weeks. The leaders came together about 4 days before the program began to prepare and pray for this. We asked for God to show us what he wanted to do during this program, and what we should start asking him for. He spoke in 3 different ways to 3 different people during prayer that he wanted to bring revival to this place. He wants to bring his glory back by experiencing him and seeing his face. And he wants to do that through this organization, in the hearts and lives of all people that serve here or are influenced or touched by this place. We were shown his heart, we were given a glimpse into what he was going to do, so that we could start asking for it. And so we began praying for these things throughout the program. And then it started happening as we went through the program. Leaders were seeing visions of people to pray for at hospitals so God could show them his face, students were opening their lives at camp and becoming vulnerable and turning their lives around in this very place to give God glory. And all the while I got to see prayer matter. I got to see my God answer because we took time to speak with him. AMEN. 

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Abby Phillips is the Program Architect of Poetice International.