August 1st, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

Right from the first blog post from me entitled “Refreshed,” followed by the two weeks of outreach and I am excited to share again how this journey of refresh is still on its continuation.

It began like three days before the outreach for our team to Lesotho that I came to realize that I wasn’t going to go with the group and had to remain behind. This seemed like the hardest time in my life. For that moment, I had all the excitement, you know, and was ready for the trip for outreach. So I thought I had nothing to update you with at the moment. 

Amidst all the disappointment, I was down, asking God why did this happen? Am I not fit for that ministry? What has happened? But thanks be to Him for there is always a solution to any situation. There was a camp which was about to happen at the base which seemed a right solution for the staff but my heart was not yet back; it was with the people on the journey to Lesotho. Day one of the camp was very hard for me but as I continued listening to the Father I came to starting seeing God do good things.

As the theme of the camp “KINGDOM CAMP” I was amazed seeing the Poetice youth take the initiative leading in the day camp after just two days of training. That was really life-changing.

After staying, I was recruited as “staff” and so I led the group of the 12-year-old campers by sharing my story to them about my family and keeping myself around playing with them, but remember, my heart was not fully available. So I was just, like, my presence was seen, but not knowing that God was using my story, games, and interactions to teach some of these youth lessons.

The best experience and the turning point that brought me fully in the camp, and to clearly see God, was when I was asked to lead the debrief around a bonfire where it was very successful and everyone appreciated. So I thought, “If man is like this, wow, then what about heaven?” From that time I said, “I am in, God.”

Secondly, the groups from the States. We were told to just appreciate somebody that has really touched your heart and through his serving, you’ve been blessed. I was amazed after receiving many papers from people acknowledging all that I had done throughout the camp. To my surprise, one wrote to me something that touched my heart and I shed tears: it was just from hearing me share my story about family and my daughter. She was appreciating me for the love that I show to my family and she considered me a dad since she had lost her dad at the age of 6. This taught me that God just needs your responsiveness and for sure He will give you what to speak that will be the right diet for His people that He has sent you to.

We ended the camp and had three days free and alone at the base which gave me enough time for solitude and to listen to the voice of the Lord.

The challenge was just one my group leaving me behind but later as the camp was moving on, I felt that it was in God’s plan for me to stay such that my story should look just like the one you’ve read above for my story wasn’t in Lesotho but it was right where I was. 

NB: God just needs our responsiveness for what He needs to do is none of your concern but your presence /availability is what He will use.

Henry Iwumbwe – 2018 Immersion Intern