On Mission

August 3rd, 2016 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2016

Form 45 Entry 705 Fileupload 7I want to share my experience during Beat the Drum and outreach and how my perspective of the world has been shifted as well as what has been stirred in my heart. Well let me start with Beat the Drum. In the first week of it we where just preparing ourselves and sharing our stories, praying for strength, and surrendering to God so that he can use us. This preparation taught me you can’t share what you do not have and how God works through sharing our life stories. After that week we went to teach in schools and helped doing manual work. When my time came to teach I felt like I was called to do this and many are in need of me. I was like, “What is going on” then God taught me a lesson that his grace is sufficient for me and he can use me to give hope to the world through Him. Through a conversation with a student, I discovered that there certain important things that aren’t being spoken about in churches, communities and schools. It has encouraged me a lot to experience and witnessed God’s gifting and call in my life and for this reason I know God as the best plan for me.

Form 45 Entry 705 Fileupload 8 After Beat the Drum we went for outreach in Lesotho. It was good for me to be there and experience how God was using us as a group. I really appreciate our leaders the way they send us with blessings. The time I was in Lesotho I was reminded of when Paul and Barnabas were sent in the mission. It was so great to experience the power of God when I was teaching about knowing Jesus Christ personally and how God used my voice to speak. Surely God does work through us. I also learnt about simplicity and how people listen when you are working in unity. Surely God is teaching me throughout this internship that we are generation awakened to passionately love and follow Jesus Christ, we are agents of change in communities around the globe and God want people to know Him personally. All my life I would love to have more of God and less of me so that His kingdom should be preached.

Oliver Lungu • 2016 International Immersion Intern