My Heroes! Mike Hamweene

June 16th, 2015 Posted by Abigail Van Peursum

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There’s something about Mikey that makes me want to tell other people that I’m his friend. That my knowing him is something I need to tell my mom. I wish I could communicate the depth of his goodness even to Mike. Because he is a guy who stands by what is right in the middle of an ocean that swallows such people. When all odds and all pressures and all of his surroundings move according to the norm, Mike remains secure in what he sees as true. He contemplates the ways of his nation with eyes that are much bigger than the world his own have consumed. He cares about his economy. He grieves for his people and the corruption in Africa.  He loves agriculture and wants to empower the people of this nation in organic, creative and realistic ways. Ones that glorify God and bring dignity back into families. Mike is dedicated. And his heart is enormous. He cares for people, and multiplies the moments he gets with them. He runs hard and he runs fast and he runs with great passion. Mike sits and talks and encourages and values people above projects. He loves kids. And he dreams of a bright and beautiful future. And in every movement and word he worships his Father. His breath and worth and pursuit of life is worship, continually laying himself down for the Kingdom. With constant songs (quite literally) he praises God. He wakes with a paradigm that is risky and full of faith as he continues to step forward into ministry in the midst of an impoverished nation and pressures to “make it”. Yet his defiance, his dangerous defiance is a beautiful act of worship each and every day. 

And he is one of my great friends. He co-leads our internship program in Zambia. And leads the ministry for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. And all of these things I just said about him make him seem very serious. HA. Okay, he is serious about this life. But oh his personality is far from it. He laughs like I don’t know. And he’s full of joy and energy and honesty. He’s comfortable in every situation. And tells me to chill out. (who is this guy??) Taking a personality test, Mike knows me well enough to keep me honest. And I care about him enough to scold his African self for getting to close to the elephants. He loves to dance and whistle and shout and stir up a crowd. When I met Mike, he asked me “Whats the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” And with shyness for show and no real answer, I’m looking at him thinking, who is this crazy. Little did I know his craziness was contagious and brilliant and after the wild heart of Jesus. 

Mike Hamweene, you’re a hero. An inspiration. To walk by faith and not sight. To stand on truth even when doing so alone. And to worship King Jesus because of it all. 


Photo by Asah Photography


Photo by Asah Photography


Photo by Asah Photography


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