My Gospel Experience

June 28th, 2018 Posted by Immersion Internship – 2018

My name is Melody Kawadza from Macha, Zambia. I was born in a family of three and am the first born. I am 24 years old.
I came to know the immersion internship through Abby and her husband John who are the team leaders. I didn’t expect to be in a cross-cultural environment with people from Mexico, Uganda, Malawi, and the USA. And I have built relationships with them, though it wasn’t easy. The reason why I am taking part in the internship is because of the passion I have to seek the Lord’s heart.

These four weeks have been awesome to me. Meeting new different interns from different countries has been really great, learning new things each and every day. I feel blessed by the gesture that has been rendered in this great place.
The first week was great. We learned about God’s story (by Abby and John), and they talked about how sin separates us from God.
– First week God’s story – (Abby and John) – God created man to have a relationship or to have family with him. Sin separates man from God, God loves man and hates sin. Man separated from God. Because of the love he has for man, he sent Jesus Christ to die for us.

– Second week Identity week- (Daniel and Sarah) – Identity is who God says you are. Man has core beliefs which are in two categories; core truth and core lies, and we learned that man should embrace core truth rather than core lies.
– Third week Freedom week – (Dave) – Freedom is doing something without any restrictions. It’s also moving from bondage to free living. Freedom comes with responsibility. God gave us the freedom through his blood. He gave us the freedom of choice to choose whom to relate to. We become what we worship knowing that what is better than freedom is belonging and adoption. On the IMAGO DEI, I learned that I am unique and created in Gods image.

– Fourth week God’s dream for Africa (Fred and Bruce) – I learned about the genealogy of the black race, and that God created all races to reflect his image, looking at Noah’s life where the races of the nations are coming from. I also learned that black people are not cursed but blessed by God, and I also learned that Africans are spiritually disciplined. 
God has been teaching me how to soften my heart towards him and others.

Melody Kawadza- 2018 Immersion Intern