July 5th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

Mulibwanji lovely people! This is Courtnie Pullen and I am currently in a new country, surrounded by new people, and in a whole new culture which is completely different from the one that is of my small hometown, in middle of nowhere, Indiana. There is 8,000 miles between me and my town in Indiana but my heart has never felt so at home. The Lord has been so abundant in love here, not lacking anything. In this short month I have been a part of this wonderful immersion internship I have felt a heavenly purpose come to earth as I have been impacted by my new brothers and sisters in Christ. The love each of my fellow interns have shown is overwhelming, to say the least. This internship has already created an African/American family that will never be separated by distance, even when we part ways in August. The Lord has constantly been tugging at my heart every second of these past four weeks. The confirmation of becoming a missionary has been more evident than ever. It has confirmed my life plans and the Lord has even sent me others to partner alongside me in my lifelong dream to open an orphanage. In the states I am attending Indiana Wesleyan University in hopes to pursue this dream. I am studying Global Ministries/Intercultural Studies as well as Psychology of Exceptional Needs with the anticipation to graduate Spring of 2019. When I graduate I plan on entering into a life of full time missions in an orphanage for children with disabilities. This internship has already confirmed all these life dreams through entering into the community, classes that get to the core of who I am as a daughter of Christ, and fellowship with other missionaries.
The ministries we were assigned make up a large part of our ministry here in Zambia. Each week I am assigned to enter into the community while partnering with a Transitional House ministry, sports ministry, and Purity Ministry that empowers young women to feel the love of the Father. The Lord has shown me an intimate love as I enter into these ministries each week with a passion to know him more and know his people from a new culture. I have seen love in the closest way through the children. The Kids Club each week has become the ministry that allows me to feel most at home. The children love without borders and with no reservations. My heart has been overwhelmed as I enter into villages and children run from their homes and schools to great me with open arms and smiling faces. Reminiscing on these past four weeks the word love is the only one to fully describe the feelings I am experiencing. The miracles the Father is doing in my heart and the hearts of the people around me is far greater than I ever expected. I have found a forever home for my heart in this lovely country I am now living in. He has taught me not only the love that he has for me but has revealed his love for others in a whole new way. My prayer has become for the Spirit to lead me where my trust is without borders and my love is without borders just like each person I am surrounded by in the internship and community. The love of the father has been so merciful and abundant here, showing itself through each person I interact with each day. I am beyond excited to see how the Lord works in the next two months to come.

Courtnie Pullen • 2017 International Immersion Intern