Mid-March update

March 25th, 2015 Posted by The Howells' Blog

Oh so many MANY thanks to all of you for asking how we are doing!! As you may recall from our last newsletter this month has been a big push for us to have our funding in and pledged so we can determine when we can get going! We will cover that later in this update so thanks for reading!

First a quick update regarding our recent events that so many of your organized, attended, assisted with, and prayed for.

Our pancake breakfast and silent auction was so fun (and yummy!) Overall we raised about $2000 towards our mission! IMG_7610

Another amazing friend literally dug up their yard for our behalf! He created a 6 hole golf course IN HIS YARD, invited their people, roasted hot dogs and did the POLAR PLUNGE himself!  I don’t know how we know these crazy people but I’m SO glad we do! What a fun afternoon that was!

So where are we now?!
Well, I’m glad you’re still reading! Currently, our support stands at 66% of our pre-service need and 60% of our in-service need. We are humbled to have 60 families, individuals and churches say “yes” to partnering with us! This is a dramatic growth. Our very deepest gratitude to you all for what you can do and are doing.

But we aren’t there yet!  Please help us maintain this momentum. 7 days until our Support Checkup to see if we have raised enough to settle on a departure date!

As I reflect on these past few months there are so many facets of this journey that I could expound on but the one that keeps surfacing is growth. One of our sons will wake up periodically complaining about aches and pains. Being the very affectionate mom that I am, I tended to think it was just a ploy for getting out of bed (again). When in conversation with my wise mother in law she mentioned the “growing pains” that her boys used to have. Oh! I bet that’s what Seth is experiencing too (although the bedtime ploy still lingers…).

It is safe to say these past few months are full of our own version of growing pains: growing in faithfulness, in perseverance, in prayer, in boldness, in passion for Gods heart. It’s good. It’s hard. It’s a challenge and its only the beginning. Transformation is slow but sure and we are beyond thankful to be on this journey.



We have some fun opportunities for you to join with us this Spring!

April 23-25 we are hosting a fundraising Garage sale at our home at 1796 Durango Court in Wyoming, Michigan. If you’re doing any spring cleaning and finding some “treasures” you’d like to donate please let us know! If you’d like to help out (either with set up, take down or just sitting here with us while we sell!) let me know! I’d love some company!

If you are local and happen to be running the Fifth Third Riverbank Run– join our team!!! It costs nothing to you (plus you’ll get a super suave wristband!) Our Howells to Zambia running team is made up of any level, any runner. We ask that you seek out sponsors (your family, neighbors, friends, co-workers) to donate for you to run. We will provide you with a link for them to use for the donations. So fun to run for a cause. (can’t believe I just used the words “fun” and “run” in the same sentence…said Amber the non-runner 😉  )

So what if you’re NOT spring cleaning and you DON’T run?  Well, do you EAT?? We are having a BIG BOY fundraiser in Grandville, Michigan on Saturday, April 18 from 4-7.



  • Preparing our house to be rented. Boxing, packing, and cleaning. God has provided an AMAZING friend who is going to be our property manager! Huge praise for that!
  • Renters!
  • Wisdom about selling our vehicles and for buyers.
  • Upcoming fundraising events
  • Brad’s job allowed him to sign a contract about his returning for the school year of 2016-2017. This is good because otherwise they may have given his salary away. Also, they may have found someone to take his job for the 2015-2016 year already! Yay, God!
  • Our children’s hearts
  • continued funding needs

We would like to know how we can pray for YOU too. We have your names and we have committed to be in prayer for you so please- let us know any specifics. We are in this together, friends!

THANK YOU for loving our God well and by expressing that through your sweet support- prayers and finances- of us.

Journey On!

Brad and Amber Howells

howells_author-150x150 ABOUT THE AUTHORS
Brad & Amber Howells are soon-to-be Full-Time Missionaries in Zambia.