MEHGAN KUHNS: Second Update!

July 24th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

July 20th. The past few weeks have flown by! It feels like so much has happened in them! God has worked many wonders and He has been faithful in so many ways.
The teachers we have had have been great in equipping us and pouring into us. It has been very beneficial to learn from their experiences. From learning of our Purpose, to Africa week to Godly relationships. I really enjoyed all that they had to say.

Our trip to Malawi was a great surprise to me. Coming on this internship I hadn’t known that we would be going on outreach there. At first on hearing it I was wary of it and felt that I wouldn’t enjoy it, and that it would be very stretching and uncomfortable. But God didn’t let me stay feeling that way. He blew my mind. It was about a 36hour road trip. It blew my mind that we were literally in a bus, traveling, in the middle of Africa. Crazy. It was such an unexpected joy to me. There were times I wanted to be afraid because we were in the middle of nowhere driving through mountains and we were far away from help, but through it all God just told me, “it’s okay.” So I rested in that. It was so cool to see the mountains, I still can’t grasp that it actually happened, it felt like something you only see in movies. We drove 5ish hours through and around mountains in the middle of Africa and suddenly came to the town! A bustling city close to Lake Malawi!

I liked Malawi, I felt comfortable there, despite my fears. Even when we had no idea what type of ministry we were going to do, I still felt peace. Oliver and Rhoda are the missionaries there and it was awesome to jump in with them, even though it was blind the first time. Our task was to reach out to the families in a nearby village. We were establishing relationships and then sharing the gospel by doing Discovery Bible Studies with them. This study enables everyone to participate and learn more together. It was a great way to put into practice all that we have learned. God used our stories to connect to these people and it was truly wonderful to be able to pray for them and share with them. I got to hold lots of babies and make new friends. God was very faithful. He also gave us the opportunity to heal the sick and to deliver people from demonic oppression. Though I was not a witness to them I was in spirit.
God surprised me with His faithfulness, which is always humbling. He is a good God and I feel so honored that He would use me even in the smallest ways. I’m learning how to be me more intentionally, to not try to be what I am not and learning how to be myself in all circumstances, and how to walk with God through it all. I can’t believe we only have a month left! I’m so excited to see what else He does! He is good, all glory to Him!

Mehgan Kuhns • 2017 International Immersion Intern