MEGHAN McCLUSKY: Final Update!

August 22nd, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

Well…here we are. It’s the last time that we’ll be asked to write a blog post, and I’ve found myself speechless. Perfect.

There are no words (at least none that my modest mind can think of) that, when attributed to our experiences, will adequately portray the emotion intertwined in those moments. So I guess if anything, what I really want to fill you in on is how I’ve found God’s love to be of the purest form, and how the power in building faith by dwelling in the light of truth has been made manifest to me throughout this internship.

I will be the first to admit that I might’ve been greedy when it came to taking my fair share of hesitancies out here. In my fear-filled inability to fully accept His healing authority, or His assured omnipresence, I was belittling our great and glorious God, and I didn’t even realize it. Thankfully, He wasn’t about to let the stubborn side of me reign most powerful. He gifted me a friend teeming with wisdom, and she has not been shy in sharing it with me (you’ll find that Abby’s not shy in sharing all of that which has been given to her, it’s one of her many beautiful attributes). The first time that we got the opportunity to spend time together, she posed me this question –“But what if?” What if there is more to this world than our feeble minds are able to understand, or have witnessed thus far? What if we really do have the liberty to walk in perfect love? What if the breaking of the shameful bondage of sin isn’t merely an unattainable, elusive idea, but a reality made feasible by our Holy and gracious Father?

And in that question, faith adopted many beautiful facets.

Trusting in the futility of sinful tendencies takes faith. For in us choosing to walk in truth, we are proclaiming our position as beloved children, made in the image of what is wholly good. If we allow ourselves the freedom of fleeing from the label of being created merely as “sinners,” and choose instead to adopt our true image of being created in compassion, dignity, and righteousness, we are then opening up the floodgates to condemnation from those whom have yet to come to such a revelation. And that’s scary. But it is walking out in that faith that allows us the glorious opportunity to humble ourselves so that we might pick up our cross, and bear the joyful burden of living not only for our own glory. And that’s beautiful. Because when we do that, we are stripped of all silly, self-righteous mumbo jumbo that pesters us daily with lies about our having to fight to prove our worth. And we are presented instead with the truth, which grants us eternal the eternal worth that is elucidated in living for the glory of God.

Ultimately what I am attempting to get at here is that faith for me isn’t always easy. But in walking out in it, and trusting that the God that created each and every one of us for His wholesome and loving purpose, we can confidently pursue a life of joyous, humble submission to our calling as God’s holy and beloved children! How lucky are we??!

Meghan McClusky • 2017 International Immersion Intern