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Meet David.

Published on May 13, 2014 by Will Hill

This is David. He has eight children and many more relatives who depend on him for food, shelter, clothing and medical care. At least one of his children is HIV positive.

David’s grandson, Kanyanga, lost his mother in childbirth. After Kanyanga entered our scholarship program, David offered to volunteer as a caregiver to many other children in the program. To honor his service to us, we asked him what we could offer in exchange.



He simply said,

“Teach me a skill.”


Previously, David did piece work, picking up odd jobs wherever he could find them. He was not progressing in a career and was not becoming more proficient in any particular skill. His earnings were insufficient to support his large family, and some of the jobs he took were too taxing for his body.

After multiple volunteers echoed his request, we invited David and a few others to come under the direction of a skilled tailor. Within months, David mastered a number of sewing skills. He produces knit sweaters, school uniforms and quilts and he’s also become proficient in alterations.

The skill he’s acquired empowers him to earn a living wage. The next step for David is to take on students of his own and equip young adults to support themselves with dignity.

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Will Hill is the Chief Creative Officer of Poetice International.