MAKENZIE KING: Second Update!

July 24th, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

Hello again! I hope you’re all doing well! The Lord has been moving in HUGE ways since my last blog. I’ve been challenged and stretched spiritually, physically, and emotionally over the past 4 weeks. For anyone who’s reading this blog, thinking about or already praying about doing this internship next summer, I want to be honest with you: the past two months has not been. I’ve laughed and cried, been sick twice now, missed home, missed my family, missed my friends, missed my church, been challenged by God and my friends to heal certain areas of my life and heart that 1) I either didn’t want to heal or 2) I didn’t know I needed to heal, I’ve seen joy, I’ve seen pain, I’ve seen thankfulness in the midst of brokenness, and I’ve seen the Lord heal both instantly and over time through both those we are ministering to as well as interns—all of which have been miraculous. In all truthfulness, this has been the hardest two months of my life spiritually. Here are just a few of the amazing ways the Lord has been moving in and through me.

This past week we were in Mongochi, Malawi doing outreach in villages. These villages were primarily Muslim. So there wasn’t just a language barrier, but a religious barrier as well—or so I thought. One thing I’ve been praying about all summer was to see a miraculous, instant healing. I’ve heard plenty of stories of the lame walking and the blind seeing, but to be honest, I’ve struggled believing that it was real. I thought that I needed to see a healing to have a stronger faith. Over the week in Malawi, many people saw healings, yet I was never in the right place at the right time, and I kept asking God why I didn’t get to share in these experiences. My team (Violet, Kelsey, and Max) prayed over a lot of people, but never saw any instant results. Slowly through the week, the Lord kept whispering, “I’m still working through you even if you don’t see an immediate result.” I tried to rest on this. Over the week as we went to check up on people we saw in the previous days, we began to hear that the Lord had healed them from a sickness or pain, and I began to trust more and more that these healings were real.

On Friday I was put in a situation I never thought I’d find myself in. I went to pray for a woman who asked for healing of head and rib/side pain. I placed my hands on the woman’s head and side and began to pray. I started by saying “Jesus.” That was the only word I got out before I quickly realized that the woman had a demon inside of her. I was shocked and caught off guard, but the Lord kept reminding me that He turns every bad thing into something good. The woman was okay and ended up accepting Christ into her life, but what resonated with me most was that all it took was the name “Jesus.” Over the next several days God kept reminding me of the power of His name—in Jesus’s name.

By Saturday, the Lord had completed shattered my thought that I had to see a healing to have a stronger faith. I realized that the Lord was strengthening my faith in Him in other ways: relationships, prayer, trust, and believing. The next day, after coming to this realization, the Lord showed me a miraculous healing when my group came upon a man who couldn’t walk. We told him that if he had faith to get up in the name of Jesus and walk. The man got up, walked, and danced, proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ as Lord.

“Weeping may last for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”
~Psalm 30:5~

Makenzie King • 2017 International Immersion Intern