MAKENZIE KING: Final Update!

August 22nd, 2017 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2017

New people, new experiences, hearing God’s voice, amazing friendships, on fire worship for the Lord, Discovery Bible Studies (DBS), reading the Bible out loud, Kids Club, identity, purpose, the genealogy of Jesus, God’s plan for Africa, Kingdom Family, relationships, Malawi, healings, miracles, receiving of spiritual gifts, radical revival, justice, righteousness, Reach for Life Camp, trips to town, Munali’s, Debonair’s, Grande’s, Choma Market, Spar, ice cream, chocolate bars, scones, chocolate croissants, taxi rides, Fanta, Sprite, Coke, chips (crisps), Mwapona, Kabanana, Community Night, Family Fun Night, cooking teams, and Debrief are just a few words to describe the last three months of my life.

It’s hard for me to understand how fast the last three months has gone. To be honest, it’s been a roller coaster. There have been many ups and several downs, but the Lord was SO present through it all. I’ve gotten to witness and be apart of so many incredible testimonies of faith and healings. I’ve witnessed things that I had only ever heard about like praying over a lame man and then watching him walk and then run and then dance. I’ve watched as my friends here have found healing in their hearts from past hurts. I’ve watched as the people in the surrounding communities I’ve gotten to know continually display their strong faith in God despite trials they’ve faced. I got to meet and hold a newborn baby who’s name was only fitting because he was a true Miracle who’s family faithfully waited for him for 13 years. I then got to attend his baby shower to celebrate him. I’ve been there to welcome all the hugs from the kids that just need to be loved on. I’ve shared my testimony way more times than I planned on, and each time the Lord used it for good. I’ve experienced going into the communities and having people yell my name because they actually know me. I’ve found healing in my own heart, and through out it all I’ve felt the warmth of the Lord’s embrace every step of the way.

Right now I’m sitting in the guest house writing this blog and listening to Christmas music—yes Christmas music haha! The last week and this coming week are hard for me. I’m missing my family and friends so much as all the other interns are talking about going home. I’m sad that this season in Choma is coming to an end and that I don’t get to go home and see my family and friends, but I’m SO thrilled that I get to stay in Livingstone for another two months to complete half of my student teaching! This was an idea and then a desire in the making for the past year. Looking back, seeing all the hoops I had to jump through to follow the Lord’s calling to be sitting here right now just didn’t seem possible last October. To be entering into this time of student teaching here in Zambia is a true blessing from the Lord, because there were so many logistics to work out—many leading to dead ends. I’m SO thankful for all of the professors who fought for me to be here. I’m excited for this next season even though it’ll be a HOT one here!

To anyone who’s reading this and thinking of doing the internship next year, do it. If there’s anything in you that feels the Lord calling you to apply, do it. If you think you can’t afford it, walk through the doors and stand amazed as the Lord provides every penny you need. If you love the Lord, want to get to know Him more, love kids, love building relationships, love culture, have a desire to go to Zambia, love being abroad, or feel called to share the gospel, do it. If you feel called, do it, and watch as the Lord completely transforms your heart, mind, and soul.

Makenzie King • 2017 International Immersion Intern