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June 15th, 2015 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2015

So last week we traveled 12 hours north of Livingstone to a Province called the Copperbelt. We stayed in Luanshya and did Ministry from Monday through Thursday. It wasn’t so much a spiritual fulfillment as it was a work trip. I think so many times we get caught up that doing ministry is preaching the gospel, when it can just be as simple as doing some yard work. So this week was refreshing as it taught me about true ministry and how it can affect just as much or even more than a message. So here’s an outline of the days:

Monday: We made bricks all day for a school inside of a village. This is how they support the school and maintain an income so we made 100 bricks, that were probably 5x5x12 inches. Anyway, the machines we used were manual and we had to slam the clay together to compact the brick. Many of us had blisters by the days end. I also helped by pouring water on the clay pile to keep it moist. And as kids from the schools were climbing on me I was carrying 5 gallon barrels up a clay hill and then pouring it on top. That was one of the most physically tiring days I’ve ever had.

Tuesday: We visited the Luanshya Mine Hospital. We came with the knowledge that we would help clean in the morning and then pray over people in the afternoon. Many of use were happy to just clean inside and be out of the sun for the day. However, as we get there we found out that we were doing landscaping work. So we got some tools and started edging sidewalks and trimming bushes and whacking grass. Another hard workday in the sun. Which I was fine with, but it many others by surprise. Anyways, after lunch we split into groups and then went to the different wards and prayed over patients in the Hospital. I was sent to the children’s ward and we met two little children that we prayed over. It was really nice knowing that I did my best and may have healed some people that day.

Wednesday: We visited the Chiboti home for the Elderly in the village. All we did there was rake leaves and help in their garden, then we prayed over some of the people and left. This was a really simple day but good. There was a huge language barrier between us and the elderly. Only two leaders on our team could speak the language. And some of the Africans could translate roughly. However that didn’t stop me from praying over a man who was hard of hearing and had back pains. I don’t think he knew what happened but God did and I guess that’s the only thing that matters. The rest of the day we had off and a group went into town and just milled around.

Thursday: This was the last day and we split it into two halves. The first have we visited F.C.E. or Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education. They showed us around their very nice facilities and explained what they did. In short they just stressed the importance of education and including God in everything you do. They had an agriculture program as well as a local school that they supported. It was really cool to see everything that they were doing and to see how the were making their impact in Luanshya. We then ate lunch on the bus on our way back to the school for a football match between our team and the local boys. As I arrived I was expecting to play a 30 minute light hearted match and be done with it. However, we played a full match with 45 minute halves and quite intense play. At the end we tied 2-2 and left drenched in sweat. That was probably the most fun I had ever had playing football. And the beauty was that it was ministry.
Luanshya Was really nice and refreshing to get a new aspect of ministry and to just work for a week. I look forward to what else is in store for this trip!

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