“Loving and being loved is the greatest of human joy” – Edward E. Ford

June 29th, 2016 Posted by Immersion Internship - 2016

Poetice International and their partnership with EMIZ has been a blessing since day one. I am in awe of the ways God has blessed these ministries with so many strong and capable leaders. Through their examples, support, and love I have found another home while being a part of the Elijah Experience Internship 2016.

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It is hard to know where to begin when talking about the ways that God has challenged me on this trip and how He is using each day for growth. Before entering this trip, I was scared. I didn’t know how well I would relate to the rest of my team, I was accepted only two months before leaving, and my relationship with God was weak. God had asked me to find a deeper connection and communication with Him again if I decided to partake on this journey to Africa and was accepted. Sure enough, I committed to this opportunity knowing that vulnerability was about to be in full swing. I distinctly remember thinking on our 18 hour flight, when I stepped onto that plane, I was choosing to let go of my own desires for at least 3 months and see what God wanted to try and show me.

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Our first week was spent in Choma, Zambia where we were taken through a series of challenges to grow our team into a family. One of these challenges included telling our stories to each other. I knew that God was already at work in my heart when this challenge was given. John emphasized that the time we have here and now is unlike any other opportunity we will get in life. This is it. We can choose to be fully engaged and enthralled in what God wants to show us right now or continue to live on our own will. My days in Zambia have been guided by this mindset. I want to look at each moment as an opportunity.

The last three weeks can speak for themselves on the amount of faithfulness God has shown me as I’ve continued to step out and trust what He is doing. As I ask the hard questions and keep my heart open to His will, the Lord redeems my mindset. I am learning to not only to depend on the Holy Spirit, but also God’s faithfulness. I love love love how much teaching we get here. I’ve never had anything like it in my life. Every single day we are able to learn more about God through speakers for almost three hours. I am drinking from a fire hose of information!


Something that has impacted my life throughout all of our lessons is hearing more of what God’s heart is. The Bible is God’s story and how He is using His story to form us. We are God’s mission. God longs for relationship with us and even though I’ve heard this said to me my whole life, it has a new meaning right now. God is not distant from feeling emotion with and among us. God longs to walk next to us in life more than metaphorical speech. The best way God continues his personal relationship and encounter with each of us is through prayer. I cannot tell you how much prayer has impacted my life whether it was in the States or in Zambia. As I have looked at my relationship with God differently while in Zambia it has directly correlated with my prayer life. Prayer is powerful and effective. I look forward to what God wants to speak to me throughout the next two months and the rest of my life.

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Onna Drake • 2016 International Immersion Intern