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Like treasure hidden in a field

Published on August 21, 2018 by Elizabeth Mosobase

At the end of July, our family enjoyed the pleasure of sharing life for a week with the staff and interns at Poetice Zambia. My husband, Godfrey, had the fun all to himself last year, so this time I was excited to join him with our children, Sophie (2 years), and Liam (9 months). Three weeks prior to our trip to Zambia we got to host the interns in Lesotho for their outreach so it felt like a family reunion when we arrived at the base in Choma.

Godfrey and I were honored with an invitation to share with the interns what God has taught us about His Kingdom. Since it was the last week of teachings, we also had the privilege of encouraging the team to live out all that had been imparted to them during their three-month internship as they prepared to launch into what is next in each of their lives. Upon arrival, I was excited and expectant for what God had in store for our time with the interns; what I wasn’t expecting was the incredible way God would affirm, refresh, challenge, and grow my family and I in the process. Isn’t that His way, though? When we bend low to serve, we are lifted up. When we seek first His kingdom, we are blessed beyond measure.

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.”

Matthew 13:44

This verse is a favorite of mine. When I finally embraced the crucial “Key to the Kingdom” of surrender, I experienced the fullness of life in Christ promised by the Gospel. My story prior to that moment was full of rebellion and disappointment, and it was only when I committed to letting God rule in all areas of my life did I find His joy, peace, and purpose. I shared all this and more with the interns as I told them the details of my personal faith journey. In telling God’s love story as He has expressed it uniquely in my life, I was reminded anew of the power of being genuinely open with one another. The majority of questions, feedback from the sessions, and requests for private conversations we received centered on personal experiences we had shared that resonated in the hearts of the interns. Two of the ladies shared with me how God is calling them to deeper levels of surrender in their lives as they head back home. Many of the interns came to a new understanding of what it means to do ministry as a 24/7 lifestyle, instead of during fixed times or programs, after witnessing the way we do ministry in Lesotho and hearing us teach about viewing every moment and activity as an opportunity or platform to share the Gospel. Another aspect of kingdom living that stood out to the interns is the importance of receiving God’s passionate love for us and in turn using the unique gifts and passions he has gifted us with to experience and advance his Kingdom at all times in all places.

Our genuine belief is that you can only give to someone else what you already have yourself; you can only teach with authority if your words are backed up by the testimony of your life. So, as we stood before the Poetice team and shared our stories and how God has called us to live lives committed to experiencing and advancing the Kingdom all the time and everywhere, we were acutely aware of the importance of demonstrating those values off the teaching platform as well. I’ll be the first to admit, traveling with young children isn’t easy. Our two have some experience being on the road, but they get tired and it’s tough being out of their comfort zone. As Godfrey and I flowed between the roles of spouse, parent, teacher, friend, and mentor during our week in Choma, we had the opportunity to practice Kingdom living in the way we treated one another and our children, as well as when we stood in front of the team as teachers. We made mistakes in all those areas. However, God honored the desire of our hearts to represent Him well, and we were blown away by the way He used our family to encourage others and the way we were encouraged in return. Sometimes it’s hard to follow God’s call, especially when your obedience requires sacrifice by your loved ones as well. However, what’s even harder is living a life devoid of purpose and passion. It wasn’t always easy balancing the needs of our littles with the demands of team life and serving the interns as visiting teachers. However, being obedient to the Lord and living out our individual passions on the daily (in Lesotho, Zambia, and everywhere) with our kids in the front row seat is an awesome privilege and well worth any consequent discomfort. It was a dream come true to travel to new places with my family, serve others out of love for Jesus and for them, and at the same time feel like we had come home as we were embraced and loved by our extended Kingdom family.

Elizabeth & Godfrey Mosobase are guest teachers in our Immersion Internship.