March 10th, 2017 Posted by Nikkie Brink

I’ve got the Peace that passes understanding down in my heart – Lyrics I learned growing up in Sunday School at such a young age. Not until now, however many years later, would I actually discover what that feels like. Peace, real peace in this chaotic world. Peace that rises above any fear, nerve or doubt. Peace like this can only be attainted when God is our focus, when he is at the center, when we fully put our trust in him. Discovering that this peace has come at such a time of uncertainly, really not all that logical. Defying logic is what faith is about. Too much logic can be a struggle and that can only bring us to a place of defeat if we look for answers outside of our maker.  
Preparing for this new chapter in my life brought on a lot of reflection. One of my friends started a journal for me while this all played out and I’ve been looking back through some of the posts. Last February she wrote, Psalm 138:3 “In the Day when I cried out, you made me BOLD with strength in my soul.” I praise the Lord for the boldness and strength he has given me.
A week has almost passed here, in some ways it feels like I never left. Taking the first few days to settle in has been so beneficial. I may or may not have been allowed to go to jump right in like I would have probably chosen but in that, I was given the opportunity to soak it all in and adjust. In the 6 months since I left Zambia, I went back into western pace of life pretty quickly. Filling my time with whatever came up, not wanting to miss a moment or opportunity to spend time with family & friends. The month of February I planned to slow my pace down, well that didn’t happen to say the least. Those last few weeks were busy – which satisfied my “multi-tasking loving self”, but didn’t give me a lot of time to process. Now thinking back through the growth and journey God’s has me on, I’ll forever be in awe of this humbling life. God is good.
 I am SO BLESSED by my team here. I can’t imagine coming into this without the hospitality and love they have shown me already! These people are gifts from God.

Alright – Let’s get down to the ministry details. My main focus will be administration and finance. Last summer, as an intern, I got started on working with the finances of EMIZ (Elijah Mission International Zambia, Poetice’s on ground partner) and I will continue to help streamline this process. I’ll be working side by side with Debbie, my local ministry partner who has been working with the finances for a few years now. Along with administration and finance, I have the opportunity to work with some our other programs with in EMIZ. Helping Christine with the mobile clinic and joining back in as I can with Girls Revolution.
One (of the many! ) reasons I love this organization is the chance we get to join with and support the other programs within EMIZ. The Music Academy had its first recital of 2017 this week. We got to check out what Brad, Mr. Steady, Isabel & Allan have been up to with their students this year. How encouraging to see the joy of the students who have been working so hard!

I also got to attend the Thursday afternoon meeting of Girls Revolution! Mar’peh, Courtney, Mercy & Amber have been dedicated to these young women and it shows. Despite the challenges the new school hours have brought this year, a lot of girls came out to join us! So many warm hugs from familiar & new faces. I just love these young women and their passion to learn and grow in Christ.
I started working through the 2017 finances that Jeremy (the director of EMIZ) has been taking care of. Taking this responsibility off his plate will give him time to get back to his passion and responsibilities within the ministry. We are all passionate and gifted in certain areas and our entire staff is committed to advancing the kingdom through those.
I have been overwhelmed with the support of those around me. I am humbled beyond measure of for the generosity shown, those who have chosen to financially support me and those who have chosen to prayerfully support me, you have truly blessed me. God chose you to be on this journey with me and I am ever grateful that you partnered with me here in Zambia.

GOAL: Be more intentional about taking pictures!